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Red Sea Explorers
The Team of Red Sea Explorers works with HEPCA on the final stages of the Thistlegorm section of the Saving the Wrecks project

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When trash talk Goes wrong
why do some guides still moor onto the ship its self,,,i seen this happen last year (2010) there was 4 or 5 boats above and i could see there lines all tied off on the ship,,what gives ??
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Ghosts of the Thistlegorm - Le fantôme du Thistlegorm Thistlegorm Mooring Project 1 day ago   08:10

- The S.S. Thistlegorm was carrying railway cars, trucks, motorcycles, aircraft wings and arms meant for the British Eighth Army when she was sunk on October 6, 1941, only a year after her launch. German planes dropped two bombs on her afterdeck as she waited to pass through the Suez Canal. Almost 15 years later, her shattered hulk had become an underwater garden of life, encrusted with oysters, bryozoans, sponges and corals that sheltered darting, swirling fish.

- Le S.S. Thistlegorm transportait des wagons, camions, motos, ailes d'avion et armes pour la huitième armée britannique lorsqu'il a sombré le 6 octobre 1941, un an seulement après son lancement. Des avions allemands avaient largué deux bombes sur son pont arrière alors qu'il attendait de passer le canal de Suez. Près de 15 ans plus tard, sa coque brisée était devenue un jardin sous-marin incrusté d'huîtres, de bryozoaires, d'éponges et de coraux où évoluait un ballet de poissons.