Christian Mingle: The Movie UNUSUAL MEMES COMPILATION V13 6 months ago   23:10

Kurtis Conner
Yup! This is a real full-length movie that was made by the dating site, Christian Mingle. My friend told me about this movie, so I sat down and watched the entire thing several times. Obviously, it's terrible, so I decided to make a video about it. Enjoy!





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- Deaky The Dancing Queen -
NATURALBOY FILMS check this Christian mingle movie out
Kamryn Riley
nobodys gonna mention the fact that shawn spencers dad from psych wrote this fucking movie
Alia MacKay
I liked Corbin Bersen
I’m sad 😢
I can never watch psych again
Hannah Gay
I remember watching this movie a few years ago and thinking “how has no one made a video about this yet”. Thank you.
Jill H
Hey! That rom-com series that follows the love journey of Angela & Dwight, they have a co-worker named Pamela!
Angelina Brown
No the message is don’t sell bald pills...just sign up for Christian Mingle 😂🔫
That racist ass music in the background of the sushi scene? Wtf
Angel Lynn
I got a bible ad while watching this
Michael Valentin
Her Spanish sounded like a middle schooler from the Midwest trying to speak Latin
Michael Valentin
That was the actual worst Spanish I’ve ever heard in my life Jesus Christ
Kathy V.
17:04 I speak spanish and I didn't understand a fuck of what she's talking, literally nothing.
Hoe Hunter
Gretchen: ( _Fighting with God_ ) "Leave me alone! You're so obvious..."

What a script!
Black Bum
After he Said that he respects Christian mingle for bluntly advertising and said “ya Christian mingle just said fuck it let’s put an ad in the middle of the vid” I got an ad.
Okay so like I know that I’m Chile we speak a different Spanish than Mexico but wtf was that
truvy _
As a Spanish learner, I don't even sound like that when I finally thought of a sentence 😂😂😂
*Everyone: Gretchen Wieners... kool.*
*Me: Gretchen Wieners... HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Gosh, why am I so bad!
Nooo way she took him back wtf
**cough cough** *
I'm wheezing
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UNUSUAL MEMES COMPILATION V13 Christian Mingle: The Movie 6 months ago   11:16

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