Alec Baldwin talks the end of his Trump Trump People's Court - SNL 2 days ago   08:00

Good Morning America
The star of "Framing John Delorean" talks about family, his upcoming Comedy Central Roast and more, live on "GMA."

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WE WUZ VIKANGS!!! n shiet.
4 children. Satan's spawn.
All the butthurt DT comments are hilarious ūü§£
Russ Harris
Are you still beating your wife, Alex? Your movie will no doubt be a yawn fest
Joe Pinciaro
Alec Baldwin you SISSY BITCH....
Joaquim Gonsalves
Aidi Bal
As a well known Trump impersonator and Trump hater, Alec Baldwin has been unknowingly playing into Trump's hands, which tremendously helped Trump defeat Hillary in the greatest election of American history and become the US president. It seemed as if Alec Baldwin had ardently advertised Trump on national TV and YouTube for FREE, in other words, at the expense of NBC Saturday Night Live.
Mondo 357
Man, you can tell the studio audience is a bunch of "free ticket" attendees. Like those young people want to be there that early in the morning to see Alec Baldwin!
Nayla Milley
These POS crack me up. This scumbag called his daughter a loser, made her cry and Abused his ex wife Kim Basinger and the uneducated weasel has the audacity to criticize Trump, a college graduate and a devoted father, ha ha the hypocrisy and the assholes that follow this idiot are pathetic
Anony Mouse
just another #LibtardPuppet
That film/movie looks crap let's be honest .
Is that Victor from young and restless?
Liam Porter
He does a crap impersonation. I can do better than that. They need to make a movie about Trump. Anthony Hopkins would do it best.
Virginia Myers
You’re almost a grandfather to your kids but you act stupid and disrespectful to your own President. You get benefits from President Trump plus your children.
John Delcher
The media was in bed with Hussein and Big Mike -they are despised equally -dont let the main stream fool ya
I want to see this. I believe the Gov't definitely overstepped it's limits. I was rooting for DeLorean all the way. Nothing worse than the government supplying you with cocaine & pushing you to sell it. Lets not forget Reagan's Col Ollie North (Piece O Sh*t) bringing in cocaine to fund their illegal wars.
David Moore
Alec your a first rate LOSER, wife beater child beater what a scumbag.
jonathan Ramirez
CHRIS CUOMO on CNN: " We Couldn't Have
HELPED ( Hillary ) anymore than we have " :P ( 1:00 in )
jonathan Ramirez
CHRIS CUOMO on CNN: " We Couldn't Have
HELPED ( Hillary ) anymore than we have " :P ( 1:00 in )
jonathan Ramirez
CHRIS CUOMO on CNN: " We Couldn't Have
HELPED ( Hillary ) anymore than we have " :P ( 1:00 in )
Some game1
It obviously may seem unfair that what billionaires made him do. And some of early Trump metaphors were good and funny. Even some of later work. But Russia did it conspiracy scam was WAY FAR beyond station of billionaires millionaires and obviously all billionaires. These were billionaires squealing as billionaires are annihilated for their destruction of America. And their plan was horrid.
So remove all this scam, and it is ok. So why did these billionaires' millionaires do it?!
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Trump People's Court - SNL Alec Baldwin talks the end of his Trump 2 days ago   04:54

It's President Donald Trump (Alec Baldwin) versus the Ninth Circuit Court judges (Kyle Mooney, Vanessa Bayer, Pete Davidson) on a new People's Court. [Season 42, 2017]

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