Thatchers Raceway - Giant Digital AWESOME SCALE MIX! RC Tractors, 5 months ago   03:39

Thatchers Raceway is an awesome Scalextric layout designed and built by a good friend of Jadlam Toys & Models. Whilst you’ll recognise many Scalextric parts both old and new, the majority of the set has been either scratch built or modified.

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Great one...
Alexander The Great
Where did you get the grass from ? Do they come in sheets?
Mary Petrie
People would pay to see this working!
craig smith
Fabulous modeling the detail is amazing,each part tells a story.long may you continue.
Vincent Caryn
Hi. Wonderful ! Is it possible to share the design ? Thks
juankator 1979
Incredible, all the details, perfect I congratulate you, keep it up, you have my like !!!
James Waite
Awesome... So much work in the detail Awesome!
Prince Fluffy
Is this owned by 'Thatchers' the cider company seeing as you are based in Somerset ?
Paul Major
I do like the 'Banksy' on the back of the scoreboard
Black Vic
It's nice to see a race track get the attention to realism usually found only on model railroad layouts. Nearly all the commercial tracks still operating are just sterile - I have to wonder if detailing and scenery might help their business? Couldn't hurt, could it? It would be more attractive to people in general, I believe, the regular folks who aren't necessarily slot car fans. You know, normal people.
That's why model railroads fascinate me and the public at large. The railroad guys take a holistic approach. Their modeling doesn't stop with the trains and track, they build whole miniature worlds, and there's something about that, when it's well done, that is irresistible. Look at that layout in Germany, it's one of the biggest tourist attractions in all of Europe.
For now at least the scenery modeling is left with the club tracks or private tracks, as far as I know. Maybe the commercial tracks worry they will lose the wing thing cult business, those guys are fanatically purist, after all. They don't even tolerate front wheels. But I don't think there is a risk. There's no solid evidence that wing thingers are aware of their surroundings in this dimension anyway. Whenever they visit us, from whatever plane of existence they spawn, they remain focused on two things: the slot and the timer, and are apparently oblivious to everything else. We could operate RC aircraft from the infields and I doubt they'd notice.
m sc
Oh my gosh
Dragon Surfer
Awesome stuff! This is how my floor layout looks in me head lol
That is one of the best I have ever seen. Very nice the detail is amazing. Please check mine out not even close as yours. can find it under hudlyrc I have three videos. Let me know what you think and give some advice or thoughts. thank you.
Johan Norrman
Jim Aubrey
What scale is this??
one of the best layout I ever seen congratulations
The5th Musketeer
Wonderful attention to detail... love all the little dioramas and vignettes that bring the circuit to life, like the welding in progress in the garage, the driver being pulled from the crashed car, the people admiring the AC Cobra in the car park... and so forth. Thank you for sharing. 😊👍
Moersin - Carrera Digital 132
Oh wow!!! So viele Details! Die Rennstrecke ist mit Abstand einer der Besten die ich je gesehen habe!
Stephanie Kent
very, very ,awesome, wow! Hi from scalextric fan in New Zealand :)
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AWESOME SCALE MIX! RC Tractors, Thatchers Raceway - Giant Digital 5 months ago   15:33

Stunning RC Trucks, Tractors, Excavators and more in 1/87, 1/32, 1/16 and 1/14 scale. Enjoy watching!
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