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latinhiphop ALERT
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joker 818
Much love immortal Technique
Much love
But he Peruvian guys
How Can we Donate?
This is why i hate white people. I can associate my self unless if its a black or brown person...
Christopher Hueghs
Viva la raza.... this is our land.... we all Indians, we all brown...
T. H.
The majority of border patrol is Latino
Yea.....luv it.
357k lion
#Thekids2017 #HUMANITYFIRST supports immortal Technique
I miss doing stuff like that..this is motivation right here
jo s
Lots of borderpatrol agents have been acussed and caught destroying water stations left for migrants in dessert
Cesar Soto
Border angels are against us
Cesar Soto
Ppl don't understand G, that secret society got us all twisted, I was in Los Angeles for twenty five, got. Deported on a misdemeanor now in Guatemala, on a mf misdeameaonr
Project Mayham
I am going to do Donate
Jesse Perera
Wassup with rappers tryna be politicians I don't take no muthafuckin rapper serious when it comes to that and yes I know who this foo is
Jileen E. Rowe
I am coming and I am very angry at trump kids and beautiful art people should have family needs that why it will better less fights. Family without it will destroy
Vincent Williams
As a black man I support and respect Immortal Technique because he actually understands what the struggle is all about unlike most people of color
Yessy Alarcon
Much Love n Respect for Immortal Technique...May you always be blessed. You are the true definition of a Leader & Warrior. We all need to open our eyes n help one another especially the ones that are victims to this evil. Lets start by supporting the Border Angels, today. ❤
wft this mayatero refers him self as black .: viva la raza Mexican. Fuck ICE AND TRUMP
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Immortal Technique 3rd World - Golpe Immortal Technique Speaks on Veterans 2 days ago   04:37

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