New Georgia Gun Rights Law Infuriates Gun Grabbers What We Believe, Part 5: Gun Rights 1 day ago   02:42

Air Date: April 23rd, 2014

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C Cato
Yea, because criminals wouldn’t misuse guns if guns were illegal. smh
Vidyanand Bapat
That's Great. Nice to see wicked people being unhappy. All the evil motives of gun grabbers be futile.
RevBiker Big D
Great job GA!
This video was posted over two years ago. Where are the thousands of dead people? Where are the "weekly mass shootings"? Where are the thousands of armed robberies/home invasions? Where is the 10,000% jump in violent crime? HELLO liberal media! You out there?
Right to carry should be in all 50 states
It's not good and bad
Brian Butler
Yay, more guns for whites...! More accidental shootings, higher suicide rates and of course best of all, we can now "stand our ground" and start firing at will on non-whites...!!
Ferrone Hicks
Georgia is on the money live it
Christopher Gillespie
I love living in a constitutional carry state. WV.
more citizens with guns = a safer society.
"Gun control advocates are calling this the most extreme gun bill in America."

If they think *Georgia's* law is bad...wait til they read the 2nd Amendment to the United States Constitution...

My favorite part was the interview at the end...

*Interviewer:* ""Suspicious" guy walks down the street with a bulge...looks like a gun...under they new law what can your officer do?"

*Alexander:* "Under they new law...nothing...and even if it's not covered up and it's out in the open we can no longer just walk up to you...Hey! You got a license to go with that uh, weapon? There has to be some extenuating circumstances that bring us TO that person."

Apparently it really pains this asshole to keep his oath to uphold THE SUPREME LAW OF THE LAND.
Steve Paige
Well done Georgia!
Brandon Smith
Proud to live in Georgia. Got a Glock 23 on my hip always.
I'm packing up and moving to Georgia!
Mark Lavern
1.56 guy has his gun cocked in its holster what a moron😳
Dave B
It amazes me how these gun grabbers think these laws make every gun owner an instant criminal who will get in gunfights all the time over nothing. Yet they say nothing about the lack of enforcement of current gun laws when criminals are found with stolen guns and they are prohibited from having weapons. Simply amazing how logic is thrown out the window because they dont like an inanimate object.
Sţëvë Bëţţčhëř
Live in my neighborhood! Deal with the thugs, drug dealers, gang members! I carry all the time!! I have pulled my gun on 2 gang members. Sucks to be you if you don't like it 😉
butter sammich
well done
Procras10eighter 1992
Once the Supreme Court ruled that police have no duty to protect the individual, that responsibility fell on us and we should all have the means to do so. I'm glad more states are making it easier for us to be able to fulfill that duty.
LBJ Said 200 Years
Might have to consider moving to Jawga now.
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What We Believe, Part 5: Gun Rights New Georgia Gun Rights Law Infuriates Gun Grabbers 1 day ago   08:21

In Part 5 of the What We Believe series, Bill examines to role of gun ownership as a bulwark against the power of the Big State, and deals with some of the logical problems of the gun control movement.