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Residents in parts of the Florida Panhandle devastated by Hurricane Michael seven months ago hope President Donald Trump gets a glimpse of the continued suffering in the region when he arrives for a campaign rally this week.

Area officials said the communities that were in the storm's bullseye— Panama City, Mexico Beach and surrounding Bay County — had received about $1.1 billion in federal aid through mid-April. Mountains of debris have been removed, traffic lights work again and countless homes and businesses have been repaired.

Yet disagreements in Washington have left communities still waiting on other funding and many structures and neighborhoods appear much as they did the day after the storm with trees still atop splintered homes and blue roofing tarps flapping in the breeze. Tent cities have sprung up in some places. In others, people are living in fractured houses or mobile homes.

For some, recovery has been slow in arriving.

Her home in Panama City destroyed by the Category 5 storm, Jessica Manson said she lived in a tent for 64 days before moving into a donated camper. She now lives there without running water on a small plot she's renting for $160 a month in neighboring Springfield. A 5-gallon (19-liter) bucket serves as the toilet. #DonaldTrump #MAGA

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Vincent Stubbs
We are so blessed
Canuck McShamrock
I’m Canadian, and watching Trump rallies makes me want to be American so hard! Trump is awesome, and so funny! Hopefully this coming October, my country gets rid of that clown soy boy Turdeau!
58 year old factory worker here. 95% of my colleagues are strongly for Trump. Need I say more ??
TiengHat ViNguoiNgheo
Trump the liar, the fraud, and crook is behind in his own internal polls to Biden. Trump's base are the most delusional group of people in the country. Really, the only reason I feel they can support him is, they have all or some of the bad flaws he has. That is being a racist, or greedy, self centered, or just plain stupid.
Marlene Farinetti
Trump 2020!!👍👍👍👍👍❤️❤️❤️❤️
rampart rod
cadet bone spurs' merchandise is not made in america you bloody idiots
rampart rod
these comments supporting trump are a bot orgasm
Adrian Vasquez
Like √ if you have not received physical or financial help and were devestated by Hurricane Michael..as in you had trees ontop of your house or significant damage to your yard or even were injuried as a direct result of the storm( all of the above apply to me )rescue workers did check on us just no help otherwise.
Like √ if youve commented on youtube a personal legit opinion that did not go against guidelines..and found it erased anyway..as in Freedom of Expression on Facebook & Youtube is not enforced or upheld. Its counterproductive to keep a voice of reason..quiet. But hey karma is a bmf. :)
Donald J. Trump will definitely win the next presidential election. -guaranteed- I have a unique system of knowing. I'm positive I'll hear contradiction..but its a fact he will win.
cynthia rogacion
what an opening ..ha ha ha ha he is really something...i love you ..don't forget 4 more yrs for trump..
Angel Puente
Mexican Americans for trump 2020!
Best pres ever!
Like √ if a tree ended up ontop of your house during Hurricane Michael.
Like √ if the roads in Florida seemed to be in bad shape.
Like √ if you feel no one helped you clean up or rebuild in Florida.
Phil Swede4Trump
Made/Make America Great Again
Zane Sloan
We still have to remember that the news crews are filming this so that the people can see it, so just remember that they're Americans too and although they suffer criticism, the casting and production's folks have also voted for Trump so let's not be so hard on them. They bring this to light for the American people, but of course it's good to disregard the bad things that the spokespeople say about Trump.
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