Ram Trucks made me mad - It was the Worst Truck Why I don't trust Ford After 2 weeks ago   22:56

This is a bizarre story. It started months ago when I needed a new work truck. I went into the dealer & bought one. Or so I thought.... The truck was supposed to come right in. Weeks went by and nothing happened. After that it just gets too incredible to believe-but it is 100% true.

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Henry Rodgers
Nothing wrong with the Ram Truck . It was just a dealer problem . I bought a 2011 Dodge Ram 6.7 diesel  . Brand new . I couldn't be happier . Except mine is the large 4 door . I wouldn't want to be plowing snow with it because it's too big and long . I bought it for towing my RV . I don't agree with the garbage in the back seat unless your a pig . I've seen plenty of cars with the back seat area loaded with garbage and I think what the hell is wrong with some people . If you have no problem in driving a pig mobile than go right ahead .
Thacker Carnes
Flip the tow mirrors out
Put some Weathertech floor liners in it and you'll be good.
Marcus Medlin
You will find out soon enough how horrible their transmissions are. Hope you got extended warranty on the drive-train. Cause its not a matter of if it will fail, but when it will fail lol. But congrats on your new truch
Uhhh...that's not a Dodge.
Mike Bowling
Going to rust out !!!!
GodlyGhostGames 26
Stick to ford bro
Scott Stewart
What a mangina!
Bought a truck unseen ford Superduty f 350 6.7 , from a dealer I knew nothing about needed the truck in three days for a weekend trip with my fifth wheel . They got the truck to me had to drive it from Portland to Olympia wa , set me pics of it and noticed no running boards so said the deal was off if no running boards on it This was due to the truck they had at the lot they said was exactly like mine , well they put on the best running boards the extended ones it’s an 8 ft bed , for only 250$ my cost whic was great , but than I said I needed a fifth wheel hitch as wheel put on the truck came with the tow prep package , they went out and got me the hitch had it installed and the truck ready to pick up on time !! Mullen’s ford went beyond what they had to do for me !,,
Kyle Hislip
So you bought a gasser to do a diesels job? You should expect major repairs.
Gary Eakin
Take a shot everytime he says pickup truck
Brah, we need to minimize the size of your wallet!!!!
Great video.
Aloha gabe the GC
Logan Collins
If it’s a Chrysler, Fiat it is a piece of garbage
Because we can ?
So you buy a single cab because you dont need or want the extra space but the ram has a little space behind the seat and you are in love with it? I'm confused. Rams are natorious for terible transmitions so snowplowing just amplifys that. And they are also known to rust faster than any other brand. MY look and feel good but after a while I think you will change your mind.

7.3 international powerstroke owner.
Kenna 4 life
I've watched a few of your videos . This will be the last. You are coming across as kind of a tool on the other videos I've seen and a complete tool on this one. I hope this is just a persona for the videos and this isnt a true representation of yourself. Have yourself a hemi new year.
Paid Mason
Ram looks nice with its gadgets and gimmicks. However, most likely within the next year of you using the truck, you will find out that you really did buy the least desirable truck out of the three big brands.
Roofer 80
You talk 2 much...
Jacob Hagen
I live in Indiana
Don Riedel
I have an ext cab for numerous reasons.
The front seats have more room to move back.
It's a great overflow when needed, especially for my extra gear. It is NOT a catch-all trash dump.
Charles Dyer
Daaaah Y is the Plow on the back ???
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Why I don't trust Ford After Ram Trucks made me mad - It was the Worst Truck 2 weeks ago   13:25

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