Steaks, Ribs & Pinoy Farewell How To Charge a Car Battery, Auto XS Charger 1 day ago   07:47

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Hogs Breath Cafe steaks & ribs. Travel tips with Filipino friend going on USA vacation. Australia Vlog 71.

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B Adventures, Australian travel vlogger.

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no farewell ! the party must not end ever...
Didn't the wedding invitation say "plus one"? Otherwise you could've joined him on his vacay. Food looked terrific and delicious.
Yep, always have the high power LED pen light flashlight with colour strobe , medical kit, sutures( kidding , sort of) 😳🤕😱😂
Going overseas I had a 501 computer bags with laptop,iPad and doc. Back pack, carry on hard shell, 2 check ins . I’m the baggage man HA!!! Hey come to Canada some time ! Similar to USA minus the 9mms😂
Kriss Bartlett
wow that is alot i couldent eat all that yuk blood coming out of that i like well done your friend looked very tired
ricky usa
Cool mini-cree flashlight! Mine is in my pocket for EDC.
c macdobo
Your friend is going to Stockton., CA....I'm watching this video from Stockton, which is about 1 hr east of SF. GO GIANTS!!!!!!! 😃
Is it cold in Australia now? I notice you guys are wearing jackets.
J. B. Arches
michael j
I have seen those suitcase covers with the picture of your own face on scary lol, but at least you know it was yours . Nice vlog
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How To Charge a Car Battery, Auto XS Charger Steaks, Ribs & Pinoy Farewell 1 day ago   08:47

Car maintenance & travel tip. Plug & play smart charger. Easy to use & fast charge a battery after travelling. Aldi store Auto XS Car Battery Charger. Australia Vlog 62.

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B Adventures, Australian travel vlogger.