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A record number of homeless families are coming to San Diego's shelters. In Part 1 of our series, we told you about one shelter's push for a preschool to protect children from long days on the streets. In our next story, KPBS reporter Susan Murphy spends a day with a family on their journey through homelessness.

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Jennifer Rice
You can leave California...just a thought
Julian K Villalobos
Marie Holliday
I pray for these people however I do believe any able body man or women can rise above any situation and not be homeless even if it means getting the hell out of California. I left Atlanta and relocated to North Carolina were the cost of living is much cheaper. I live below my means and treat my savings account like a bill. When I initially relocated I was at ground zero and me and my daughter slept on the floor for one year no furniture, no television, no dishes, no curtains no electronics no nothing. I worked two jobs and slowly rose above my situation. I sacrificed and prayed to almighty God to guide and give me strength to change my situation. Most importantly I did my part by gaining employment even if I had to take a minimum wage job until I could do better. All of that experience was in 2008 as of today I still remain humble and live below my means and I am five years away from being debt free. Currently i have no car note, no credit card debt, no personal loans debt, I accelerated my mortgage and paid it off in five years. Yes it was a 30 year mortgage. I learned the secret of money Management. The key is to live below your means no matter what. I will give you an example I spend twenty three dollars per month on my social entertainment and that's it. God has already given these people the ability to change their situation and reach their fullest potential they just need to be aware of it. God bless
Deborah Atencio
Hey I got a great idea let's open the borders and bring more illegals
Carol Hutchinson
We need more public housing. It's the only way. Write your member of Congress and your state representative and tell them. You can find their names and addresses online or in the phone book under government listings. The squeaky wheel gets the grease. 📝📠💻
Farrah Jay
This breaks my heart. 💔💔😪 No one deserves this!! I’m praying for the families the children and their parents deserve a roof over their head. 🙏🏾
Bertha Taylor
You can thank the democrat for ruining another city like detroit.!!! GOOD JOB DEMS!!!
Michelle Miller
Turner go back to Mexico it’s because of people like you that Americans don’t have homes get the fuck back to Mexico and take your little beanletts with u !
Michelle Miller
Bring some more trash over the boarder ! Nobody cares about Americans ! Just those dumb ass illegals ! This is so fucked how about shoot those worthless fucks coming over the boarder and give these people a home instead ! My God people are sick of this what the fuck do you democraps want a bullet !
Vegas Mendoza'
"What do we do during the day" let me see, how about out finding a job 🤔
k fye
They need to have shelters that are like where if you have a family you get a room and you stay in the sheltor but you have to clean daily cook and they have them in IL my gf was in one before...god bless you little Charlie and the rest of you
shala varnado
It takes effort to apply for government assistance, stop thinking bout it do it
shala varnado
When do you get up and decide for yourself and for your children,homeless no more,why not job hunt during the day,why is she at the park,waiting on government housing,waiting in line for food stamps and wic it's up to you to change your circumstance
Yvonne Charlton
So very sad. Hope you get your home soon X
maria garcia
And democrats want more refugees in America
Seriously close the books its time we took care of our own
angie g
As long as the real estate agents and home owners expect 3x the monthly income qualification to rent a place ,a person on SSI,Welfare,or making Minium Wage does not even quality for a studio apartment. And then they also expect a security deposit too which seems impossible to save.The rent is just going up every year and more and more people will be homeless every day.
Not my fucking problem
Linda Dannis
WHY DO THESE LOW LIFES KEEP HAVING KIDS????? Keep your legs together and keep it zipped up!!!! I have no empathy for these people!
anna renfroe
It makes me cry. This should not be. These homeless are not there always because of something they did.
Bryan S
This is happening in the richest country in the world...
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Too Fat Too Toddle (Medical Documentary) - Real Growing Number of Homeless Families 1 day ago   44:15

A quarter of UK three-year-olds are obese, destined for a lifetime of bullying, weight problems, image issues and chronic health conditions. Revealing the true scale of the epidemic, Too Fat To Toddle is an extraordinary documentary that works with leading experts and challenges overweight children and their parents to start on a life-changing journey that tackles their shocking eating habits and sedentary lifestyles.

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