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Some recent changes to rental legislation in New Zealand will affect all landlords, and we want to tell you about those things today. The Osaki Case has been widely covered by the media, and deservedly so. It’s been in the news because there has been a huge legal precedent set. The Court of Appeal has ruled that tenants aren’t necessarily liable for accidental damage to a Landlord’s insured property.
Summary of the Osaki Case
A Landlord’s property was rented out to a tenant called Mr. Osaki, and the home was insured by AMI. Mr. Osaki’s wife left a pot of oil on high heat unattended for five minutes. Fire broke out, causing significant damage to the home. The repair cost was $216,000. The insurer...

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Burzin Colah
I would like to know if it is legal for a landlord to come by unannounced and demand that items on the property that are out of the way even out of sight in a tidy manner should be removed. Also be has thrown items away without asking/approval. I am a flatmate in a granny flat with the head tenant on holiday for another 3 weeks. The landlord has welcomed himself into our dwelling with no one home. Has been abusive and rude. Do I as a flatmate have to deal with him or can I lock the door and ignore him banging away outside? I tried to raise a couple of issues with the house with him. He is very happy to talk about his issues with our items but not our issues with leaking toilets and a broken rangehood. Is this guy in the right or am I?
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Ashley Church: The Future of Property Rental Legislation Tips for Landlords 3 months ago   39:08

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