Fetal development month by month: Human Development in Two Minutes 2 days ago   06:36

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You're pregnant. Congratulations! Are you curious how big your developing baby is, what your baby looks like as it grows inside you, and when you'll feel it move? Take a peek inside the womb to see how a baby develops from month to month without any medical ultrasound or appointment with women's health doctor.

Month 1: (Weeks 4) 00:16
Month 2: (Weeks 8) 01:05
Month 3: (Weeks 12) 01:56
Month 4: (Weeks 16) 02:51
Month 5: (Weeks 20) 03:31
Month 6: (Weeks 24) 04:18
Month 7: (Weeks 28) 04:58
Month 8: (Weeks 32) 05:32
Month 9: (Weeks 36) 05:57

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mais world
My mom is in the third Month pregnat now. Pray for my Lil sis/bro💗
We don’t know What gender the Baby will have. My parents would like that the gender be a suprise 😫 i‘m so exited.
lyric pain
I am SO FREAKING HAPPY that this video isn't narrated bye an annoying robot voice that barley speaks English 😂
Anita Queen
Please reply
Anita Queen
I m 2 months pregnant my body is hot and West pain what should I do
Ayyesha Boyce
God has a plan for all of us and it is sad that you got a miscarriage but you would have grown and learnt a lot from this experience
Ayyesha Boyce
Pray that y’all all get through this
Pushpa Lalli
I am ninth month pregnant soo plzz blessed me
Divya Kaushik
Misscarriage 10 months ago
Now m 5 months pregnant
Werdna Ssorg
A heartbeat starts closer to the beginning of the 3rd week, not the end of the 4th
Latoya Nembhard
Am trying to get pregnant please pray for me that i will conceive an bring fourth a child with God all things are possible
Cooking with Lissy
32 weeks pregnant with my third child. Pray for me
Temmo Rijken
weird to think that i went through this
My mom lost my older brother during her pregnancy, she really wanted a son, my parents tried again, she got pregnant and she finally got what she wanted, a son (me). till this day she always tells me my brother is watching over me and that I'm a gift from God.
I wish every women that are pregnant, to have a safe and healthy pregnancy. ❤️.
Mrs.Peaches 36
I'm am 15 wks and we are absolutely over the moon 🌜🌠about our lil bundle of joy that's making his(boy 👦) way into the world!!! Praying🙏 that it is a healthy pregnancy and baby👶!!! I have 2 daughters👯( 17teen and 12yrs) already and those pregnancies were successful🙏! I thank God for blessings us with this lil guy he is an awesome God yes he is! I think we'll name him Ryder😍😍🤗!
dhammajyoti kawale
I'm 8th month pregnant.. Plz pray mi
Syamala Kashyap
Iam 6th month pregnent please pray for me
Xitlali Guzman
I’m 4 months pregnant 💓
KeKe Love
I'm 13weeks n 2days Today
Smriti Khatun
I'm 2 month pregnant 😊😊😊
Choppaladady143 Himadady
My last date 16th December 2018. Which month is now . anyone tell me.
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Human Development in Two Minutes Fetal development month by month: 2 days ago   02:32

The human baby spends nine months developing and growing in the mother's womb. However, most of the organs exist after three months and by six months the foetus is complete. It is a foot long and growing rapidly. There is evidence of considerable neural activity an the foetus can respond to light and touch. With medical help, it can survive outside the womb

The earliest stages of development are when most change happens, going from a single cell to an embryo with organs like the heart and the beginnings of a nervous system before many mothers are even aware that they are pregnant.

The earliest cell division stages occur within days of fertilisation with the Blastula implanting in the wall of the uterus approximately five days after fertilisation. The walls odf the hollow blastocyst will go on to form the placenta and the membranes surrounding the embryo, whilst the block of cells attached to the inside wall of the blastula give rise to the embryo itself.

At six weeks of age, the embryo is about 8mm long with a heart and the brain starting to develop.

At eight weeks, the embryo is a little under an inch long (about 20mm). It is beginning to take on a human look with fingers and toes. However, the placenta is still not fully formed and all the organs are rudimentary. Fingers, toes and muscles have developed and the embryo can make very small twitches as the muscles activate randomly.

The 12 week baby is at the end of the first trimester of pregnancy. All the organs and structures are now present although they still have some development to do; the foetus/embryo is about two inches (50mm) long. After 12 weeks he baby is no longer an embryo and is now referred to as a foetus. The 12 week model here could also be referred to as a foetus as the model is designed to span development up to 12 weeks of embryonic age.

Organ development continues until the end of the second trimester at six months. After that the foetus is mostly growing within the womb.

The twins are posed with membranes removed for clarity.

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