LaMelo Ball vs Julian Newman GAME GETS SO HEATED IT WAS CANCELLED?! 1 day ago   13:28

LaMelo Ball, Julian Newman and the Grind Session All-Stars had a fun scrimmage today. Also featuring Rocket Watts, Myron Gardner, Isaiah Jackson and more.
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Comments 1711 Comments

Edsier Ahadai
To tell you the truth filipinos are taller than newman😂
Eddie Gonzalez
Wtf did I just watch for 13 min bruh
Erick Gonzalez
This game is wack that's why people who plays basketball like this have no D.
Breaking news Lonzo left LA Lakers for the JBA.
Ben Z
Who’s the tall guy in the grey shirt
alejandro erreguin ramirez
What are playing
He looks like such a retard lol short ahhh
Michael Williams
Why are we watching this kids just lazily play basketball Lebron an KD pick up games at least close to full speed what even is this
Tony jenkins
Ole boy is an walking L
Hoore Sneider
Waste of time . The way they Play theyll injure themselves. No intensity
Piccolo Potts
I’m 5’5 and this is why I gave up my dream to be a basketball player 😩 not gonna get embarrassed
The amateur
Dude in green struggled
Lvl 1 crook VS Lvl 100 crook
Damien Marlowe
Trash . Melo and Julian need to see me in a 1v 1
Felipe Ifran
El nivel de paja q manejan es increíble
a bunch of clowns
Ej Calipayan
I enjoy myself reading the comments than watching the whole video 😆😆
CreamCheese mo
So much hate, feel sorry for this kid
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GAME GETS SO HEATED IT WAS CANCELLED?! LaMelo Ball vs Julian Newman 1 day ago   10:14

Zaire Wade vs Dudley Blackwell proved to be as good as advertised. The crowd was into it, the game was intense, until it boiled over. After a 15-20 minute delay, it was announced to spectators that the game was over. So at that point I left. Come to find out later yet game did in fact finish where Heritage went on to win.