There's a new 'nasty' woman on Trump's People can't stop talking 2 days ago   02:10

Who else has President Donald Trump called "nasty" besides Meghan Markle? CNN's Jeanne Moos has the history of a favorite Trump insult. #CNN #News

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Johnny Madafferi
CNN is Nasty
Richard Skopyk
More fake news
Colleen Capleton
The British press are very immature. Was it necessary to bring up Meghan. Why not bring up Kate and Diana. The "Nasty" took focus away from the tour. The British press is racist and sexist. They haven't been weaned off their mothers breast. Dem have breast milk pon dem mouth!
Nam Do
Wonder why your ratings is lousy CNN?
YoYO Semite
kamala hairless is a very nasty woman swallowed her way to public office.
YoYO Semite
Meegan is a nasty liar
Your Friendly Neighborhood Constable
There aren't enough Muslims in this video.
Kristi Gator
There’s more fake news from the Trump hating Bolsheviks.

This time they use photos from August 2016 to claim kids are wrapped in foil sleeping on the floor in DHS centers

But NPR article proves how filthy the Bolsheviks are and how gullible their ignorant sheep remain
Such pathetic “news” no wonder this network is dying
Juan Croos
Hehehe what an asshole he is literally nasty
Baburajan James
When a twit like a Trump wants to talk he uses one word throughout the conversation. His vocabulary is very limited.
Ricky Rick
Damn. Melania so so hott!
Hillary is beyond Nastty 🤮
Rich Buddy
Kamala Harris is such a bitch
Sheik Yo Booty
Leo Cor
Khan is nasty is nasty racist n🙃w
Naomi Orona
Okay listen... Being nasty can mean that you said something bad about someone... She was being nasty to them... Mean, rude... Etc... You get it boys and girls??
Webs are so lightweight.. how can spiders shoot them so far, and against the wind too. Its crazy
Nicoletta Ciccone
Trump's mother was a nasty prostitute so as his wife😂😂😂😂nasty!!!
Michael Grant JR
This from a pedophile who loves taking golden showers.
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People can't stop talking There's a new 'nasty' woman on Trump's 2 days ago   01:36

During President Trump's first international trip, a couple of awkward moments happened between him and Melania. On two separate occasions, Trump appears to attempt to hold Melania's hand, only for her to smoothly deny. The internet's been busy trying to analyze the moments.


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