Philthy Rich - Bill Cosby Eddie Murphy’s full Mark 2 months ago   02:17

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Music video by Philthy Rich performing Bill Cosby (Official Video). © 2019 SCMMLLC / EMPIRE / Label

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Matthew Ford
Philthy, if you're reading this, i have the utmost respect for you laying this track my ninja. Big ups for speaking your heart. I am my brother's keeper.
Jackson Flowers
Next song Philthy Rich - R Kelly
Matthew Tyler
Mychal Clark
Good Life real message #Reality
Its Philthy
Phil deserves a Grammy
yea and o.j. was innocent too.
Matthew Tyler
Fat Albert
Kourtney Muney
Jerome Jackson
Respect this one
ring rang
Supporting rapists now Phil? Im out
eric davis
Andre Compton
B - Taxin
Every since that brod came through and cough up info about women actors having to give head to get ahead , now every female crying wolf off top, they going after every popularity Hollywood star that they can get , shiit I bet if red fox , Richard Pryor , and many other great actors were alive , they will be going after them too just to get the ruler of all (EVIL MONEYYYY).
Billthy Rich....Phil Cosby
Kai Wallace
Man I wish I could make a song with him 🙏🏾🤦🏾‍♂️
Alexa Kitty
OK and why do the people have to be woman and very slutty outfits and these men are gangster smoking and your black probably having cocaine sorry for racist why does it have to be like this this is racist but I don’t care
Alexa Kitty
This is probably the most racial stereotyping video I’ve ever seen besides all the other videos I’ve seen even though this one’s a really racist just sexist I don’t really care if he raped him I mean come on it was a long time ago he doesn’t even deserve to be in jail people say example me I am just going to say that he did deserve it but I’m just gonna say that this song deserves a little bit more attention than already is getting sorry
Rob Bass
I feel like im bill #freethenorf
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Eddie Murphy’s full Mark Philthy Rich - Bill Cosby 2 months ago   05:55

After 28 years in retirement, Eddie Murphy got on stage at the Mark Twain awards and gave an oustanding comedic performs in his 6 minute acceptance speech. This is the COMPLETE acceptance speech that he gave for receiving the Mark Twain Prize. Only snippets have been released so far, possibly because Eddie disclosed the total earnings the committee raised from the event. In addition to making fun of Bill Cosby, he also made fun of the fact that, though so much money had been raised, they had no intentions of giving him any of it.