Thinkercon, Meet My Pets and Mail-time! Transparent Apple. DIY 6 months ago   19:43

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In this video I show you some highlights of my trip to Thinkercon. I also give you a MTV Cribs style tour of my chameleon’s cage and show you all of my pets. Thank you so much to everyone who mailed me stuff! At the end of the video I unbox some of the amazing things you guys sent me :)

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TB thehatecoment

Babies... So many sweet babies
That leopard gecko is REALLY fat holy cow! They're only supposed to have fat in their tail lol!
Shark800z YT
Is it The Never Ending Story?
u ar
Ur life is sooooo coooooolllllll
u ar
I WANT TO Have those friends in the future!!! Well, maybe when I have money.....
Kaylissa Curtis
Oh my gosh your snakes are GORGEOUS
C.A. Long
“Child like princes”... The Never Ending Story?
Elisiane Mendes da Silva
Crazy 😱
Mae Zap
Thanks to you I now add sound effects to all my snakes.
Jerzys Crafts
You should carve a wood snake 🐍
Kendal Koehler
late to the vid but dude that ivory ball python is morbidly obese. You can tell by her scale spread and the prominent shelf like bumps at the end of her tail. that snake should definitely be dieting. (also having a few rocks in their enclosure even in a rack system is a good idea since it helps them shed.)
I Fucking love snakes and reptiles in general!!!!! I have a bearded dragon and am saving for an Australian python. I can't afford to take care of both at the moment tho. I rescued the beardy from a flood. When I found him he was smaller than my little finger and desperately clinging to a stick that was sticking out of the water so I took her in so she didn't drown. Her name is lucifer btw because she bit my friends finger and they called her a tiny satan.
Dremurian The Culprit
Asha Patel
It is from the movie with the girl who becomes queen called The Neverending Story
Angelica rose Chan
CHild-like empress is from Neverending Story, right?
Tristen elkins Elkins
I love your channel even more you have sneks and reptiles
Airstrip Kid
Gravity Wolf
At 2:37 he is in try not to laugh vids he made a electric thing and got shocked by it twice
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Transparent Apple. DIY Thinkercon, Meet My Pets and Mail-time! 6 months ago   10:04

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