By special request BoatCam in my latest Friction Powered Toy Truck RC Conversion 2 days ago   07:37

By special request BoatCam in my latest RC toy boat conversion.
Parboi #0190 at Portishead boating lake with more smoke 😮😲😵 Parboi = Put a rubber band on it #0190 toy boat converted to Radio Control. This time it IS the power leads going to the motor that overheat and the motor is cooked.

Location 51°29'22.3"N 2°46'29.0"W
51.489515, -2.774732

Plastic toy boat
Hot glue
Paper clip
Tinplate sheet from spray can for the propeller

Sharp knife
Hot glue gun

FlySky FS-T4B transmitter
FlySky FS-GR3E 3ch receiver
2S LiIo battery
20A brushed motor ESC
9g servo

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Put a rubber band on it
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Editor Serif MoviePlus X6

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alarme et bricolage
using cordless drill motor for that boat please
anthony belcher
Awesome boat
Aloaf Ov'Bread
Some fava beans and a nice Chianti?
!@#$%^&. krum
Seems odd that it smoked when the load should be rather light. Anything I made would smoke I think. : ) Getting closer to having a workbench in pc room for whatever. Sounds fun to make a RC boat and putting camera onboard although it would worry me with the gopro I have now. Gopro7 Black at almost $400. : ( If I went this route someday I think I would pick up one or two of the lower priced action cameras. Video looks plenty good to me.
Hermit Oldguy
I failed to find a clip from the movie "Fatal Instinct" where defence attorney Ned Ravine shows how scary the world looks when you've got a stocking mask on .
Hermit Oldguy
Electric motors have only a tiny gap between stator and rotor (for the magnetic circuit) so if it gets hot enough, it can expand enough to close that gap and stall.
JP Slayer Racing
It Wes like riding the titanic. Cool view of inside. 👍👍
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Friction Powered Toy Truck RC Conversion By special request BoatCam in my latest 2 days ago   08:07

Friction Powered Toy Truck RC Conversion. Probably inspired by watching too many RoadKill videos on YouTube we stick big wheels on a toy truck. The RC components all come from my junk-pile of scavenged parts and have been used several times before.

Charity Shop Gold or Garbage? Friction Powered Toy Truck

Camera Canon Powershot SX60 HS
Editor Serif MoviePlus X6

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