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This video contains the best Putin`s jokes. Have fun watching! Discuss, suggest new themes that you may be interested in.


1. 0:00 Putin holds a meeting with volunteers in Sochi, 2014.
2. 0:47 Putin about Berlusconi.
3. 1:13 Putin asks German partners to make up their mind.
4. 1:56 The anecdote about the spy.
5. 2:36 Putin interview the former Prime Minister of France.
6. 3:46 Putin about the law prohibiting homosexual propaganda.
7. 4:09 About Trump.
8. 5:51 About Snowden.
9. 7:01 The honest old man.
10. 8:08 Putin in Austira.
11. 8:45 About sanctions.
12. 9:15 On the wedding-night.
13. 10:21 Reply to Estonian journalist.
11. 13:20 Wifes and love-mates.
12. 13:52 Once more about Snowden.

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Just putin on My glasses
Australian Politics
why are Russians so badass...
Данила Багров
Привет, я из Мурманска , 2019 год. Россия - не та страна , которая выдаёт борцов за права человека.
vidya sagar
the last one was epic
Imagination Central
3:20 showing up just to block peoples view
Random Guy
0:01 Her name is bombs away
Tequilla Sunset
Pootin the PooSey is the Joke. May the devil call his name and number up and assign him to shoveling coal in the firey furnace below.
Tom tdh
Lol is this what Russian think is funny. This guy is a snake 🐍
One day Russian people will grow some balls and take their country back. Hopefully make something of them self for once.
Reinhardt Danube
I ALWAYS smile when I watch President Putin. Idiots around the world do there pitiful utmost best to put him in a bad light or put in him in a corner, and all he does is speak the truth, facts and dodge around silly non relevant, un-professional, non Russian, non Presidential questions.The BEST President in the World id here to lead his country. Not concern himself with the matters of gays.
ariesaphrodite 888
كلبي المفضلة هي علاج الفستق. هل قامت فتاتك بتجربتهم؟ من الأفضل أن تحصل على مملح.
ariesaphrodite 888
سوف أشاهد هذا أكثر من مرة للتأكد من أنني أفهم. شكرا لك سيدي.
boringnyerr online
Putin can spoke directly and answer any questions without preparation....he is king of politicians....
Robert Hill
russia isn't buying the bullshit, I see.
Vol foSVK
when you realize that Putin s jokes has more wiews than american athem........ :D
Keith Henderson
Putin is the joke
Berliner Stadtschloss
In the first Scene, Putin is not "joking" - as this chinese woman is endlessly fidgeting around, you can feel and see the stress on his face, because he is utterly bored, because after a few seconds he knows that nothing interesting will come out of her mouth.
devil reborn
why are people thinking this is really a joke? trump is attempting to sieze power by forcing the senate/congress to declare war. when war is declared, the pres is given emergency powers overriding congress and the senate. which is what he is aiming for.. just look at north korea and russia, then china, 3 greatest threats, he is treating 2 like friends and 1 like enemy...
Nik Karel
15:00 PRICELESS!!!
Best man ever!!
He does have a sense of humour, no doubt about that!
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LIKE A BOSS: Putin Makes Best Putin jokes 1 day ago   01:48

Russian president Vladimir Putin jokes with youth and local residents.
Vladimir Putin took part in the unveiling ceremony for the monument to the Peacemaker tsar Alexander III. The monument has been erected in the Livadia Palace park. After the ceremony, the President had a brief conversation with the local residents and young people.

The monument is a gift from the Russian Artists’ Union. The author of the sculptural composition is sculptor Andrei Kovalchuk, head of the Artists’ Union, People’s Artist of Russia. The monument has been erected in the park of the Livadia Palace, where Emperor Alexander III liked to stay with his family. The four-metre-tall bronze monument was created at a plant in the Urals. Alexander III is presented as sitting on a tree stump, dressed in military uniform and resting on his sword, with a stele behind him topped with a double-headed eagle.
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