2SEXY vs Moog's Daily Honda "Supra” BLOWS roof 2 days ago   13:50

Mighty Car Mods
Moog brings his daily to the track to try and takedown 2SEXY (which is still undefeated)

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Mighty Car Mods
Fake it till you make it - Some ramblings on content, Vlogging, Mainstream Media and the "reality" of being a YouTube creator...
Matt Smith
In the US the Golf R is 288hp which is 214kw stock.
Even had a chin wag with mum mid race the Cheeky bastard!😂😂😂
just put a vr-6 turbo in the golf make it awd
Tony King
Dippey you you got smocked good and proper . is your Dayle a moter mobility scooter . He he
Ethan Daulton
This video is the pure beauty of a Golf.. Nothing flashy just straight and to the point quickness
The Great Mechanized Ape
when an iphone runs out of memory one of the first things it does is delete all your texts and then it puts your photos into a zip file or something to compress the data. you wont be able to get the texts back but when you free up memory on the iphone then your photos will usually restore.
Bandit Biker
the phone call with his mom is mad disrespectful lmfao. the best though so hilarious.
Tricky Subject
You’ve gotta 4WD Too5XY, get that power down.
That would be an exceptional MCM!
Love the show and the humour....big fan guys. 😎
Mike Price
You boys need to take over from the boys from the Grand Tour !!!! so funny
bug productions
This content is gold. Mum is a belter. 11/10.
no clutch pedal makes going fast so easy
well you better go i don't want you to miss a curb. .. lmao
Clint Collins
Dammit I want a golf
wahid mehboob
Golf r boring? OK if u say so lol
Didn't you resonator delete this now? :-P
Sean Thomas Of The Rauchert Family
Cant wait for more vag! 4wheel cooking haha
The new Civic type R will easily beat the R
Claudio Micallef
2SEXY's Soundtrack is so awesome!
Golf over any Audi, overrated even tho basically the same.
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Honda "Supra” BLOWS roof 2SEXY vs Moog's Daily 2 days ago   15:06

The Street Car SUPER-BOWL is LIVE and kicking off with the intensity you’d expect from TX2K! Celebrating the 20th anniversary of the event, TX2K19 Day 1 was JAM packed with Roll Racing testing and qualifying. While we still ran into the typical TX2K rain-showers, the event still pushed ahead with the full support of the racers after a short few hour rain delay. The weather passed, the track went hot, and racers took full advantage of Houston Raceway Park’s drag strip coated with STICKY prep from the legendary Jason Miller! Even with some of the stickiest prep in the world, there will still a few CRAZY moments through the day that couldn’t be avoided. Check out the video and stay tuned to our Social Media for important TX2K updates!

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