President Obama at the White House Obama ROASTING Trump Compilation 4 months ago   18:59

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As customary at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner, the US President Barack Obama on Saturday performed some stand-up comedy.

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Chuck Fortier
Great President
Sushila Gaur
- Conspiracy 2 Assassinate President Obama & me
Dr. Dave Doc
This guy is a piece of sh--🖕 F U a hole
Bram Hepburn
9:20 Did they edit out Obama goading trump? 😵
Illibo Yeptho
Obama is still my President !!!!!
Obama didn't deliver speeches; he performed sets. And it was beautiful.
Klemens W
He sure knew how to push some buttons. Hard to believe that he actually said some of that stuff. He seemed stressed.
Back when we used to respect the US... - all of europe! :(
Li Ra
How does Barrack Obama hold is face to be so tight??? Why is he so serious??? Hahaha!!! Seriously i want to know your secret for being sooo serious for that joke.
Dennis Pelliccia
He is a puppet for Iran.
Wangithula Umtwalo
Dear President Obama, when you left apart of me left with you. You are dearly missed.
Sandman 123
Very funny he keeps it real
Obama come back you were very simple behind you being the president
Michael Frazier
The biggest joke of Obama's while being in the White House. Was actually Obama being in the White House!
Eric Turrubiarte
Obama's worst joke: his foreign policy.
Dav A
Wow. the good old days when we had a smart president. Not perfect but at least funny!
Carlos vasquez
deport more immigrants than any other president.... bucket
Allow terrorist in USA.... bucket
Make me private insurance go higher than ever..... bucket
Increase the debt with China 3 times....... bucket.
Leave the White House omg finally the nightmare is over and now we Trump a great president...BUCKET
Leonaza7 NPC
The best obama was joke was himself
Phil H
The MOST WORTHLESS man out there. one big POS
Niki Magfirah Febrilla
How did I ended up here? I was watching The Try Guys.😂
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Obama ROASTING Trump Compilation President Obama at the White House 4 months ago   13:20

God, Obama is a badass. Gonna miss him being president. RIP HILLARY CLINTON