I was hired to CLAP a TOXIC trash I Spectated a REAL Fortnite Hacker 3 months ago   11:19

Booty Clap KC
In this video I was hired to clap a toxic trash talker. My boy Cookie hit me up and said his girlfriend's little brother was trash talking him and his family so he hired me on as a mercenary to represent his family! The reactions of Cookie and his Girlfriend's brother were hilarious, this is now one of my best videos I've ever made.

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Thumbnails & Artwork by Tatten: Tattenart@gmail.com


Production Music courtesy of Epidemic Sound: http://www.epidemicsound.com

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Booty Clap KC
Join my discord and ask me anything: https://discord.gg/vqxeW6V
Levi Bean
I dont like fortnite but, kc is fun to watch
Trevor Allen
Hes actually pretty decent for playing on an xbox
dawn stamper
You trash trash dawg. Add me KingKushKid420 🤙🏼
ZFG yk
This kid sounds like Finn from adventure time lmao
He had every excuse in the world
He talks to much
Fortnite has the most toxic following. So glad he got the clap.
Eetu Matkala
"Good aim" he plays on console
oof Codex
Okay just saying 90 Ping? I've won a game with over 1,000 ping this guy is actually disabled

Maybe the guy had died to the storm and I was lagging like crazy BUT IT STILL COUNTS AS A WIN.....zero kill win....
tbf you were spamming. mean you often shot 6 or 7 bullets at a time bro...
xd Alpha.
Falcon High
If i hear one more kid say “low key” im moving to Mars
Braeden Marr
Who makes your sick thumbnails because they are really good.
Megan Ziegler
Rofl everytime he won it was bc he was so good and his "aim was so great" but everytime he lost it was b/c his gun didnt shoot, he couldnt build, his ping was too high...So many excuses. Well done KC.
he’s cocky and annoying
Jennifer Camp-Harris
What do you play on?
Chamak0 R
That guy sounds like a GTA character
Dave Wilber
This kid. What a bore.
Paltos McPally
I love this kind of content. And props to the other guy for being a good sport about it all. More of this please!
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I Spectated a REAL Fortnite Hacker I was hired to CLAP a TOXIC trash 3 months ago   12:11

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