I was hired to CLAP a TOXIC trash I Spectated a REAL Fortnite Hacker 5 months ago   11:19

Booty Clap KC
In this video I was hired to clap a toxic trash talker. My boy Cookie hit me up and said his girlfriend's little brother was trash talking him and his family so he hired me on as a mercenary to represent his family! The reactions of Cookie and his Girlfriend's brother were hilarious, this is now one of my best videos I've ever made.

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Thumbnails & Artwork by Tatten: Tattenart@gmail.com


Production Music courtesy of Epidemic Sound: http://www.epidemicsound.com

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Booty Clap KC
Join my discord and ask me anything: https://discord.gg/vqxeW6V
Lucid _Sebass
Something I don't like is fortnite bc it's dead
He literally caught me half way through liking his video
My girls and Me
5:26 my sister is calling:he’s sister I need help I’m being kidnappad he hangs up on her :he’s sister r.i.p
RexThe GoodDoggo
I have mako glider no flex tho
Hes not even all that "toxic".? I'm ngl I do feel the pain of the pump not working after I build.
bambi_boi 420
Wait did he just say no homo??
Kix Review
me: sees the blue thumbs up at the beginning of the video
also me: oh wait I've watched this video 3 times (:

u make good content KC 3:
This is just so amazing *EKS DEEEEE*
Tsuna AMV’S
His next excuse is gonna be trump called me in the middle of the battle
Tsuna AMV’S
If you like this comment you will be transferred back to Season 1 and drop 40 bombs bec of how good you are

Jk you don’t have to like
Steven Rodriguez
Ha gaaaaaaay 🤣😂🤣🤣🤣😂🤣😂 booty clap kc just want to say your hilarious and if wasn’t for my brother putting me on to watch your videos I wouldn’t know who you are but your videos are amazing and your a great player keep it coming with the videos
ICE Gaminax
4:50 literally bout to talk an oral speech starts his first reason why hes good at fortnite by saying first of all...
I liked before watching😂😂
20 ping isn't at all bad tho...
Kuutti Kuusimurto
I love thoose heart edits
Infinite HD
The saltier the player🥨. The sweeter the victory🍪.
Kegen Reynolds
Liked it before I started watching lol
Jayden Vasquez
Booty clapping trash
Jorge Luna
Aim Assist:ON
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I Spectated a REAL Fortnite Hacker I was hired to CLAP a TOXIC trash 5 months ago   12:11

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