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Basic sand or beach driving tips for 4wding. Tire pressures are one of the major factors determining how your 4wd will perform on soft beach sand.

Otherwise known as 'Airing down', tire pressures play a key part when driving on soft sand.

- Sand driving
- Airing down
- Staun deflators
- beach driving

- Everything offroading in Western Australia

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Terry B
If you had a 2 wheel drive (with limited slip RWD) would you suggest lowering the air in the rear tires only or all 4 tires and why?
How to know how much Psi goes?
you guys from austrilia do a great job on these videos,, well spoken good camera work tooo excellnt job guys jk nyc
J Rod
Wow! The fish looks stiff. I tried he’s fishing technique, lost my rod, got no fish and no dinner. :(
Bob Pfaff
Did you go back and correct the track? Hope so! GmbH
Adjust your tire pressure with!
Big chief
and after done at the beach how we put air back in,
Everett Durst
I appreciate videos like these, so thank you. What is the purpose of the two CB antennas? I'm about to buy a CB and am trying to figure out what to get.

Also, I drive in the dunes a lot with my full size F150 and find that climbing is best when I get under 10psi but I peel a bead once in a while (I have a big compressor so not a big problem). I started using a Jeep Grand Cherokee, very heavily loaded, and with smaller tires (33X10" versus 35X12.5 on the F150). I thought I could run a bit higher pressure (I think 12 to 15) but I wasn't very impressed how it did the first time out. I'm wondering if the smaller diameter or less width is shooting me in the foot. I could go wider without modification, but to go to 35" tires would be costly and increase rollover risk, so I don't want to take it lightly. What do you think? FYI, both are mud terrain tires and need to be for my other areas.
A Rizk
thanks for the tip fellas much appreciated ☺👍
Brendon Coetzer
Great vid
Greg Olson
If you have a 2wd, is it still good to deflate the front tires or will that create too much rolling resistance for the rear to push?
Norm Aljones
Hey Ruts say you were in a small Jimny or a Terios with road tires would you then still recommend deflating them to 15 psi.
Tea EarlGrayHot
Just got a new Sahara, thanks guys, it is amazing to see posts like this, where people share knowledge. Good on ya!
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Dwight Stewart
No, the first example is the affect of him, traveling at a slower speed, intentionally hitting the accelerator to spin the tires in the soft sand, none of which existed in the second example with reduced tire pressure. Reducing the tire pressure certainly has it's benefits, but your video doesn't truly show it.
Trent Cain
Wow, a sand driving tutorial that spends 4 mins telling us to let our tyres down. Thanks!
How well do you think those IROKs will do on a stock 2016 4runner.. Particularly in very soft sand dunes. El Paso tx red Sands.
Is that at WA in whitehills
This is all true but I have to call BULLSHIT on your demonstration
First you purposely drove slow then revved a bit to make the tire dig in at full PSI
Then to prove your lower pressure point you approached and continued at a steady pace.

Most times if you approach soft sand at a steady pace and swerve slightly left and right, you will get through it easily at any tire pressure, although lowered PSI does give more grip.
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Desert drive - Sand rules Ruts4x4 - Sand/Beach driving tutorial 2 days ago   01:36

Desert drive over the orange sand dunes near Dubai.
Sand splashing as tyres slide down on a dune wall.