Chuka Umunna: 'Why I should Liberal Democrat leadership race: 1 day ago   17:22

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The Independent's John Rentoul sits down with MP for Streatham and new Liberal Democrat member Chuka Umunna to talk about his decision to join the party just months after forming Change UK.

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6 Kills
This moron should just accept his career selling people out unofficially off what little notoriety he's accumulated instead of selling them out officially.
IPCC SaysLessThan12Years
Chuka completely sh*fted himself when he turned on his party leader. 
Watch out Lib Dems - he'll probably do it again someday.
Mesolithic Man
Chuka believes in the people having their say. Except for the people in his constituency. They can F#
Frozen Retro !
What a wanker 🤡
L Georgiou
The Lib Dems under Tim Farron talked not about a "People's Vote", but a "first referendum on the deal". As such, any second referendum, in order to be democratically legitimate, should be between the Withdrawal Agreement and no deal, with Remain firmly off the ballot (that question was settled three years ago).

Of course, the Lb Dems will never go for that because, despite their protestations, a "People's Vote" is not a neutral solution to parliamentary deadlock, but a biased effort by Remainers to overturn the result, and as such a second referendum is only advocated by hardline Remainers. If they cared about democracy, 'Remain' wouldn't be on the second ballot.

By the way, I remember Chuka Umunna on the BBC on the morning of 24th June 2016 saying to David Dimbleby that Brexit must happen even if Leave wins "by just one vote"...
What first attracted you to the electorally successful Illiberal Anti-Democrats from the hopeless failure CUK Party?
Sj Joe
Chuka Umanna: a comedy act which keeps on giving. His ego readily observable from space; his intellect and political integrity yet to be seen.
I think Chuka is right. The Labour party is anti semetic and racist, he is making a wise choice in leaving to join the liberals.
Bangos deMangos
Blah, blah, blah - nobody cares because you’re gone at the next General Election anyway. Start looking for a real job...
Paul Dodds
Complete reptile
Charles Lenoir
I used to rate this guy, but now it's looking like he's NOT TO BE TRUSTED..what's loyalty?
Mathew Parker
Who cares what he thinks and says anymore, credibility or what little he had anyway has now just completely gone.
peter tidball
What a weasel , yes Chuka we do need a second vote...……..on your seat in parliament mate .
flyerh flyerh
He will join any party he thinks will stop us leaving the EU, he is not giving up on that EU future employment and huge second pension .
Busy constituents of Umunna can buy an app now that tracks which party he's in.
Richie Rich
I can no longer trust this guy chuka Umanna.
He pretends he care about this country but the truth is he only cares about his own career.
3 parties in 6months?
Ding Dong
Genuine question, answers please. If Chucka changed to the monster raving looney party, would they have their first member of Parliament ?
Ding Dong
He'll be on the Tory front bench shortly !!
DogAte MyPlums
Is that slime i see oozing from every pore
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Liberal Democrat leadership race: Chuka Umunna: 'Why I should 1 day ago   02:17

The Liberal Democrat leadership contenders have clashed over Brexit, Boris Johnson and working with Labour.

Sky's Adam Boulton hosted the debate and gives his analysis on who will be Sir Vince Cable's successor.

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