Trump stopped meeting to consult These 19 undocumented immigrants worked 1 day ago   04:39

CNN's Brian Todd looks into President Donald Trump's reliance on Twitter for his understanding of the world and how that affects his decisions in office. #CNN #News

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Mike Eagle
Delete his account
Bryan Bowen
If twitter went bust tomorrow, his presidency would be over. A ten carat cunt who's completely out of his depth. If ever there was a time for russia and china to attack the US it would be now because this fucking imbecile wouldn't have a fucking clue. All they'd have to do is take out twitter HQ and all command and control would be gone in an instant.
Bryan Bowen
A fucking walking national security nightmare
john kindon
They should kick him out of twitter go breach of contract as he lies all the time does not give factual news but hives fiction and misleeds his dumb ass followers
claire bigelow
wish we could talk Twitter into closing /suspending his Twitter Account......
Trump is an ass hole, plane and simple.
Kevin Terry
I’m a Democrat

Me: Trump is using Twitter to be more in touch with his supporters/country.
That seems pretty responsi...
CYMetro 85
Trump is the best us protestant ever don't listen to CNN there are fake news
DJ Kool Khris
Ok so how long do we have to suffer this insane man🤔
Spyder Webb
This fool trump runs the country from Twitter ?
What a f****** idiot !!!
Of course Trump relies on Twitter. He's a shallow thinker who reacts like a teenage girl (no offense to teenage girls) and desires popularity over character and values. He can't think beyond a few characters and can read even less. He's the daemon our technology has created and a warning of our future.
Michael Moreno
Donald jackass Trump could it be a rapist and a molester and that's okay because all his base would say is look at the economy, imbeciles
.....a caddy. Fml. I'm done.
The problem of Trump's reliance on Twiiter to assess his base is that he is totally oblivious to how profoundly he is hated, loathed, and despised in most major metropolitan areas. In a sense; he is only the President of the Rural States of America. The suburbs are evenly split on him.
shelia rogers
no that's all twisted you liars you lie so much about our president he goes to Twitter to get the truth from the people for there support.
Trump doesn’t want cameras running when he meets Nancy and Chuck is because they bring out the ass in him, it’s so easy for Trump to get caught in his child games
Only way for a bully to communicate is Trump through twitter
I guess this is why CNN's ratings are going down
Phantom X
This isn't going to end well.
No name
Oh, leave him alone!!! It's a great release for him!!!
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These 19 undocumented immigrants worked Trump stopped meeting to consult 1 day ago   06:16

CNN interviewed 19 undocumented immigrants who say they worked for the Trump Organization and that Donald Trump had to have known they were undocumented during their employment. CNN's Randi Kaye reports. #CNN #News