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Kevin Hart is a comedian, actor and producer. His new stand up special "Kevin Hart: Irresponsible" is now streaming on Netflix.

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Robbie Pennington Sr.
I want to work for Kevin!!!
Nice podcast nad 6,3 mio views? not bad!
Adalberto Hernandez
Thank you Kevin.
Kevin sounds like he has it figured out. He is correct about happiness. I was "depressed" for a lot of my life, like many people, but I noticed that perspective, more than external influence, affected my state of mind. My identical twin brother died a few years ago - we were 35. Whenever I think back to early times in my life it never seems as terrible as I was convinced it was at the time. My sadness was literally in my head and caused by me. The horrible events in your life are the easiest to remember. Evolutionarily speaking it is more important to remember a painful event, because survival may depend on it. There are natural things that occur in humans that implicate the path happiness. If you focus excessively on your past it will lead to depression, and trying to predict the future will give you anxiety. We are social creatures and we survive together, not alone. Think about the feeling of guilt. In a health human mind, when your actions accidentally cause loss or pain to someone else you feel guilty. We are all born with this reaction, how well you ignore it determines your level of psychopathy. There is a feeling that you get when your actions make someone else feel good - happiness.
Great episode/interview. I love the human down to Earth way of this show. Gets the best out of everybody. KH was inspiring.
Joe, where have you been? Puerto Ricans invented red beans and rice with chicken!
Not sure if it’s the camera angle but kevin got the Debo eye 😂
GeneralSpank Me
13:00 When XXXtentacion was dying from a gunshot wound to the neck and everyone sat there 30-50ft away recording instead of doing anything.
Test Ing
I swear i learned more from JRE shows than i did from 12 years of public school.
I’m surprised that Kavin is smart and deep thinker.
I don't like a lot of kevin's comedy, but I really liked listening to him here.
james blatterman
james blatterman
Tom Tomm
james blatterman
james blatterman
Michael Giancoulas
powerful...respects to hart
Joe “SHILL” Rogan
Warrior Of Allah
Guy is real and sticks to what he knows, i respect that.
Rachel Cermak
Get j cole on one of dese
Jonnys Anxiety
ooooooooh I can’t sleeeeeeep
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