Andy Samberg and Seth Clear 2019 Golden Globes Opening 2 months ago   06:36

Late Night with Seth Meyers
Andy Samberg and Seth come clean about everything they've done to each other, like Andy selling nude pictures of Seth online.
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Andy Samberg and Seth Clear the Air- Late Night with Seth Meyers

Late Night with Seth Meyers

Comments 99 Comments

Mohammad Anwar
Where can I buy one of those pictures?
Melissa Portugal
Yo why is Andy da bomb?
Mcky Dela Peña
Found the reason why Fox cancelled B99
M3 Xoxo
i could listen to him say ‘the hog’s dinky’ and then giggle forever♥️♥️
David Cameron
I would have gone with "lob-baby" just rolls off the tongue.
quirky mermaid28
my 2 snl crushes in one screen.
This is great
Katrina Macalalad
I don't know why I read the title as "Andy Samberg and Seth Clean the Chairs"
Vicki Glover-Smith
Wouldn’t Andy Samberg still be a golden globe winning actor
Okay but this is Andy having a LOT to ask forgiveness for, and Seth just being nice
Shivani 123
Why hasn't Bill Hader cleared the air with Seth .....😄
Rob Stumbo
Please call Seth's new son the "lobby baby"
vartika gaur
man i love this guy
Kallol Kashyap
This feels so fake, when you compare it to how Kimmel-Damon play out their feud.
dizzy daydreamer
*gasps* "you 'moonlight'ed me?!"
Becca Antoine
Lobby baby lmaooooo
So Andy and Jake are the same person? Cool cool cool cool cool cool.
Tania Sierra
"Lobby baby" 🤣😂
jane haviland
i fucking love andy so much
Forrest Kent
How perfect would this segment be with Melissa McCarthy?
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2019 Golden Globes Opening Andy Samberg and Seth Clear 2 months ago   11:57

76th Golden Globe Awards 2019 Opening Number by Andy Samberg & Sandra Oh