Pt.4 | LAMBO KILLER BUILD B20 IS IN!! KhakiCivic is no longer just 1 day ago   35:10

Here in Pt.4 of the LAMBO KILLER BUILD a 600HP AWD TURBO HONDA CIVIC that I'm building from scratch I'm wiring in an ECU Master EMU BLACK Standalone ECU. Im pretty sure im the first one in the united stats running one of these ECU's on a K series Honda!

Be sure to check out ECU MASTER to learn more about this ECU!

Koyo Radiators -


KoyoRad -

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Fachreza Rezki
The Bast MotionAuto Tv
Fachreza Rezki
the good mechanic for in car Honda Civic 600 HP AWD Turbo
David Williams
I like the original intro
DapitenOSoChurroSarge Channel Ese!
Never realized how big the engine bay is on these lol makes the dc5 look super small
Andrew Michael
The boosted boi that owns the mr2 and OverGrown sideburns... LITERALLY speaks, describes and expresses dialog EXaCtLY the same way as this gentleman. ESPECAILLY when there both describing/explaining something!!!
Even tho they have slightly different voices/tone I COULD 1000% MIX THEM UP GOING ONLY ON AUDIO..

SomeOne else MUST of made a similar comment before. I know now YA'LL CERTAINLY CANT HELP BUT NOTICE IT AFTER BEING POINTED OUT.
They MUST of grown up, hung out OR one copied another IDK, Theres so many specific similarities and manurisms, it's become kinda tripppy for me. lol

This build and video sequence is great.. the fact that your showing the “boring stuff” like wiring is great cause I never get to see the more intricate stuff.. enjoying this build.. 💪🏼
Dave Ridlespriger 2
Dont let my dad get you in trouble.
John Hanks
Hey man I'm a big fan of yours I have a 86 Toyota pickup I'm working out I'm a big Toyota guy I got a 1999 Ford Mustang if you know anybody interested for 1000
Captain Kek
I really enjoy ur videos not super comprehensive all the time but still entertaining and informative I have a 2000 Civic Si EM1 with b18c1 swap have been considering a big turbo AWD build for a while never even knew about the bolt on kit from hub city definitely checking them out... Good luck on the ECU issues
Fxcking JZX Loco
I still think about that orange vic 😞
Ryan Blue
Is it a stock k24
Alex K
Samuel Rubio
😂😂😂 Lil bit wired it wrong 😂. Nice nice
Jay C
Good shit bro
Luis Alvarado
Must be good to be rich
And just work on your projects
Omar Mcdonald
If your going to rev that engine pass 8k your gonna need a type s oil pump
PlayerONE Auto
Ecu master is not cheaper then hondata by a few hundred $
Kyle McNeill
I subbed at 1:34 when he said 2JZ Supra
Joshua Rivera
What's the name of the song at 26:00
Ryan Davis
Am I the only one who actually takes notes? I spent less time on my college work lol
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B20 IS IN!! KhakiCivic is no longer just Pt.4 | LAMBO KILLER BUILD 1 day ago   13:11

It's officially in the car!! Khaki civic is no longer just a shell!!!!
I am so stoked that this day has finally come. We still have a lot to do and thank you all for your support!

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