Ron Paul: The Fed Will Self Destruct, Herman Cain Tells Ron Paul 2 days ago   05:16

Air Date: Aug. 26th, 2015

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The supply side of economics has been raped by the fed.
Lisa is a cougar
vincent pickerill
those glasses make her nose looks like it should belong on Mount Rushmore
Rand needs to watch Ron's best 2012 debates and DO THAT!
Listen and Learn Mr. Trump
Backgammon Player
@rockhardagain That you appreciate no answer tells a lot. Could be possible that what you say is true however if humanity isn't or wasn't even able to elect him, we'll never know and we don't deserve to.
That Ron Paul is even allowed on FOX, makes me believe he is false hope to allow those who enslave the masses to continue to raise the height of their walls. Why else would guaranteed controlled opposition FOX do this, actually I don't even care.
Michael P. Shipley
For real change that would let the US economy recover and free us from govt tyranny, Rand is by far the best candidate.

But for just pure hilarity, Trump is the best.

Trump to Chinese Trade Negotiator: "You're talking to me all wrong. Its the wrong tone. does your mother have an extra room? Because your fired!"
Michael P. Shipley
Its not just the Fed. China's CB is the Fed on steroids. The contributed to the massive world wide bubble just as much.
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Herman Cain Tells Ron Paul Ron Paul: The Fed Will Self Destruct, 2 days ago   03:45

Aired October 11, 2011.