Group Audit - New Jersey State "This is a State Prison" Shafter 2 months ago   12:26

Southeastern Pa. Community Watch
Some East Coast Auditors have been joining forces lately and decided to get together and start doing group audits when ever possible. So myself, Gunnison Undercover, News Now Delaware Valley and Pissed off Taxpayer decided to stop by the capital of New Jersey ( Trenton ), visit some Federal buildings and say hi to some tyrants and bullies. Our first stop was the New Jersey Prison complex in Trenton, NJ. It is the oldest prison in NJ and one of the oldest correctional facilities in the US. It is also the states only completely maximum security institution. This dump was originally built in 1798 ( The 1798 NJ Penitentiary House ), Which was the first state prison in NJ, and it is starting to show its age. We met our first bunch of bullies within 3 minutes. In Part 2, the babysitting just can't leave a legal activity alone. Feel free to call and voice your opinion of how they treat citizens going a legal activity - NJ State Prison - Trenton NJ- 609 292 9700

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Jeff Logue
Poor prisoners in there. If those officers acted like that on a public sidewalk, can you imagine how they violate prisoners rights behind there private walls?
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where in the fuck do these morons get the idea that they have dominion over the denizens of this country
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Pete in canada #
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Billie Dale
It never ceases to surprise me about how ill informed public officers are concerning laws and citizen rights. These two officers are prime examples of how ignorant they can be. They were totally unprofessional and need corrective training. Great audit men. Thanks.
timothy prescott
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Jason Deniz
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Jan Miller
Huge Huge brick walls surrounding the joint, and 5-6 prisoners practically out on the street. 🤣🤣 too good
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Don't tell him to go beat a prisoner....he just might do it.
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"This is a State Prison" Shafter Group Audit - New Jersey State 2 months ago   14:32

Help fight for your Constitutional protections. While visiting Kern County we came across the quiet farming community of Shafter whose Police Dept. has joined the for profit prison "CCF" crowd. Please support this channel. This video is for educational and training purposes and contains news worthy content meant to educate and inform the viewer