Group Audit - New Jersey State Intoxicated SWAT Detective ARRESTED 1 week ago   12:26

Southeastern Pa. Community Watch
Some East Coast Auditors have been joining forces lately and decided to get together and start doing group audits when ever possible. So myself, Gunnison Undercover, News Now Delaware Valley and Pissed off Taxpayer decided to stop by the capital of New Jersey ( Trenton ), visit some Federal buildings and say hi to some tyrants and bullies. Our first stop was the New Jersey Prison complex in Trenton, NJ. It is the oldest prison in NJ and one of the oldest correctional facilities in the US. It is also the states only completely maximum security institution. This dump was originally built in 1798 ( The 1798 NJ Penitentiary House ), Which was the first state prison in NJ, and it is starting to show its age. We met our first bunch of bullies within 3 minutes. In Part 2, the babysitting just can't leave a legal activity alone. Feel free to call and voice your opinion of how they treat citizens going a legal activity - NJ State Prison - Trenton NJ- 609 292 9700

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salty dog
You should have asked her if she took a bath today cuz she smells like fish.
That's a Great One, Can you read (Officer)? Her face expression
Big Boss
Don't film their super secret state prison in the middle of the city. Their wall is classified as well.
Richard Rauch
".......excuse me, are you being a smart-ass???"
Get the fuck outta here, you poor excuse for a hamster!!!
George Orwell and Khabib Nurmagomedov Grappling
go build a wall that's 7 miles high hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha
George Orwell and Khabib Nurmagomedov Grappling
you boys just got subscriberred :)
Those Babysitter's act as if the world should do as they demand.
Trenton Prisons,side show. Great entertainment.
Hope the guys inside get too watch this stuff.
David Pearson
You should have said you were taking pictures of the wall around the facility. Not the facility itself
nunyer beeznaz
I LOVE making my tourism choices by internet videos !!! I have serious tourist cash to spend having a good time SOMEWHERE ELSE now. Thank You !!! It kills me to have flown over these states with a cold pickle. [empty bomb bays for the unwashed] however,I already know about pennsylvania,and even avoided looking down,due to frustration because of cold pickle.
Lha A
The New Jersey prison is a dump? The whole State is a dump!!
Miguel Lavie
Good job.... Next time don't walk away from that dumb ass 4 star 🌟 security guard
El Coqui
You have no idea brotha ,if you Neva been institutionalized in Jersey Stay as far back as you possibly can my brotha,Hell is much more classier !!! I commend you guys for doing such great audits,!!!
Eric Mykietyn
Nice live in nj i bet if u come to newark u wont have any issues the police literally wont do shit lmao
Them pucks are the ones that should be in orange jumpsuits for not knowing the CONSTITUTION , pucking assclown they are. They didn't stick around long after they found out they couldn't bully you guys around.
Patrick Trimble
It's a security breach.

Look bitch if a camera can breach your security, ya really need better security.
Ricky Garza
Go beat a prisoner...🤣🤣🤣
Earl Klinestub
How do you ax people. Does she have shit in her mouth. Tyrant female officers are the worst kind of tyrants
tg Finn
I think the are just embarrassed at what a dump it is!
cbandd dandbc
Its a serendipity beach takin pitures of secutmrity beeches and buildings and semtemnity n stuff
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Intoxicated SWAT Detective ARRESTED Group Audit - New Jersey State 1 week ago   41:42

18:25 what? they busted the windows on the (official SWAT) car? (he thought it was just a dream)
19:45 they will come pick you up. is that your service weapon or personal?
1:00 your jamming me up :)
21:33 come to other side of bridge... I'll do my job.
24:14 his kit not kid. as in his Police SWAT gear: body armour, submachine gun MP7 etc...
They took the gun out of the holster at 3:28 and the knife from his pocket at 3:39 empty holster which can be seen better at 18:02

On December 22, 2017 East Cleveland Police Officer Joseph Marche was arrested for OVI in the City of Bratenahl, Ohio. Joseph Marche was appointed to the City of East Cleveland Police Department from 1998 to 2005. He left the city and his OPOTA certification ended with the city 9/16/2005. According to public records Mr. Marche worked with Blackwater USA from 2005 to 2015 as a security specialist. Mr. Marche returned to the city of East Cleveland, according to OPOTA files, August 2009 to the present, Mr. Marche is employed as a full time police officer. According to Ohio Administrative Code 109 when there is more than one year break in service, peace officers are REQUIRED to take a Refresher Course and until the course is completed and a letter provided by the Executive Director grants permission, the peace officer reverts to cease and desist function. Peace Officers are not allowed to engage in law enforcement and carry firearms. Mr. Marche's records with the Ohio Peace Officer Training Department reflects he has never taken the MANDATED Refresher course and has been in cease function since 2007. The video clearly reflects Mr. Marche not only intoxicated but having his service weapon and other firearms on his person and in the vehicle along with empty prescription pill bottles. The vehicle is a City of East Cleveland police car which suffered extensive damage to windows having to be broken out to retrieve the officer safely. D
East Cleveland Police Commander Scott Gardner confirmed Marche was convicted of operating a vehicle while intoxicated in Bratenahl court, and was given a 30 day suspension without pay.

Gardner said Marche was on prescription medication for two shoulder surgeries, and drank a limited amount of alcohol, misjudging the effect the combination would have on his faculties.

Gardner confirmed Det. Marche's drivers license was suspended, but he was granted work driving privileges.

Gardner said Marche has an an outstanding work record and had no prior convictions.

Gardner said the department consulted with four other police departments to insure a 30-day suspension was adequate.

"There is nobody that's going to condone the behavior of Detective Marche," Gardner said.

"Our department wants full transparency, and we welcome residents to give us feedback."

"He accepted full responsibility, it was an error in judgment, and like I said, nobody feels worse that Joe Marche."

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