Row erupts in House of Commons as Jeremy May & Corbyn battle it out in last PMQs 5 months ago   02:01

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Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn was accused of mouthing the words "stupid woman" at prime minister Theresa May the House of Commons during PMQs.

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Someone: "Stupid women."
Womens response: "Dont call me a women."
What am I missing here? LoL
Zain B
1:55 what a snitch
We are in the middle of brexit, and this is what the conservative party wants to worry about. I wonder why (Cough... their parties incompetence which they don't want people talking about).
He said pull my finger
Drogon Anfield
Tories all over it like a tramp on chips to try to deflect from their disarray. She isn’t just a stupid woman, she’s a pompous, stupid woman.
John McCormack
Yes, this is what should occupy the 'honourable" members of the Commons now. Obviously, no bigger issue faces them at the moment.
At least they aren't claiming that she was waterboarded?
sheila clarke
Well Jeremy Corbyn did say in the House that Teresa may have gone shopping in Paris when she went to Europe to see other European leaders. Would the same comment be said about a man? other men on both sides of the house have called women stupid. Again misogyny by men.
james bolem
I would get a truck load of expanding foam and fill that chamber with it as NON of the MP's are worth a wank
Martin Drake
I lip read " stupid dildo "
Why? Because.
He's not wrong
Nigel Whinn
clearly he said it
Johannes Busch
"Affentheater", look it up.
P cj
What can I say...things r slipping into surreal mode for both parties!
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May & Corbyn battle it out in last PMQs Row erupts in House of Commons as Jeremy 5 months ago   13:18

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