I Have Something To Tell You... Dreaming of a 1000hp Kseries powered 2 months ago   18:47

Wanna be a real racer? The only thing you need is a Demolitia Racing hat. It's guaranteed to make you 300% faster so you can get that big win!!! (some stats have been altered to sell more hats) https://www.bunkerbranding.com/products/demolitia-racing-hat

Some of you will probably be disappointed that I won't personally be racing Nightmare. It's for safety reasons. I don't yet have enough time behind the wheel to feel confident in a 750hp full on race truck in the toughest offroad race in the world. The guys that will be driving it are the owners of Tribe 16, the race truck shop that built Nightmare.

All the equipment I use to make my videos!!!


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Corbin Shelton
can I have a racing hat
Zach Poitras
So wait does he get it back
SavageOrange 725
It should say nightmere
corey douglas
Bet that trailer doesn't have a 10mm 😂
Sir Alcatraz
Dude, you just saw THE Galaxia de la Baja!
12ace21 Dannie Keeze
I wamy one if those hats SO bad
Vladimir Pakhomov
What the song at 10:16?
Tim Staples
What video editing software do you use?
Tony Young
yup, called it.. knew he didnt sale nightmare... figured king of hammer. but thought he'd be the passenger in the race 😎
Chave ss
Daynjur Dave
Sally MamaKitty
My husband took a picture of the ‘64 Galaxy by Triple Nickle Racing at the San Francisco auto show in 2017. He just showed to me on his phone. He agrees- it’s an awesome car!!! 😆
Darryl Drax
Glad your truck. Is there
michael wiedemeier
That's a thunder bird
You should start a racing team like one for each state or like a couple across the country if you do plzzzzz set a sponsorship with me I already race and I’ll use all my stuff just sponsor to travel
1964 Ford Galaxy. You're welcome.
Get flex fit, the regular pulls my hair lol
Daniel Kapsner
30 degrees is freezing huh? It was just -30 here in MN a couple weeks ago.
Enzo Prosciutto
What do u get out of this besides a beat up truck after the race?
Fishie Fish
I’ve seen the car at 5:05 before! Saw it at at a gas station in California one time. I took a picture of it cuz it was awesome.
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Dreaming of a 1000hp Kseries powered I Have Something To Tell You... 2 months ago   33:47

It’s an interactive experience watch for the icons! 😉 Continue following along while we start the Honda k series engine! We are search of a 1000 hp and are preparing for the engine dyno. Not wanting to waste valuable time fixing minor issues on the engine dyno we decide to run it on the floor and boy oh boy was it glorious!! Oh and be on the look out for the links! It’s interactive folks!! Join in and hang out!



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