James Orengo takes on Queen's Why Uhuru wants Raila President 5 months ago   06:02

Lawyers representing Deputy CJ Philomena Mwilu in a petition seeking to determine whether she should face criminal charges have opposed a foreign counsel appointed by Director of Public Prosecutions Noordin Haji.

Senior Counsel James Orengo on Thursday opposed Queen's Counsel Khawar Qureshi from representing Mr Haji in the petition to be heard by five judges.

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Ali Mussa
The argument on technicality being raised by the lawyer is proving the obvious, our lawyers will do anything to shield corruption in this country because simple they funds come from the corrupt.
George Gatuma
Sometimes I watch these Kenyan lawyers and their fanatics and wonder where the country is heading. Is Orengo the same guy who want to impeach Ruto for gross misconduct and yet here he is defending impunity from a corrupt supreme court judge. No wonder I always believe that the greatest hindrance to corruption is the Judiciary until they proven otherwise
Ahmed Saleh
First time or Fasssst time?
Rahma Wampy
Witch hunting at its best. "We shall revisit", has come to haunt Mwilu. Wonder how much the Kenyan Government is paying this top notch lawyer. Shetani ashindwe.
Tom Maritim
ni mpakistani....akwende uko kwao pakistan
Why are the corrupt running around panicking
P Grenton
So pray tell me how a Kenyan lawyer can prosecute in a UK court? Am I missing something? Can legal minds explain the legality of the Queens Counsel prosecuting in a foreign land...Just not clear no malice....
Mossu Mckau
Let the Gov. appoint njoki ndungu as CJ when maraga goes to retirement . please save us the drama n expenses .
Mossu Mckau
They brought foreigners during the election 🗳 period, n they said “it was free and fair” As Africans we’re woke now. We can’t be fooled by just a mere different skin color 🤔
Samuel Mbugua
Orengo is a member of Parliament and a leader of the opposition in the House. How come this lawyer never resigned from practicing his profession,. Ethically he knows as lawyer that he can't act as lawyer to defend the same laws he contributes their formation in Parliament. He knows too much or too little of The Kenyan Law.So he should keep off.
Henry Mogambi
It means if The foreign lawyer wants to proceed with the case all the applications made before getting the certificate of practice are null and void. Simple the case should end there. Orengo is right and cute with the law.
Henry Mogambi
Let the foreigner lawyer produce the practising certificate. Getting one in Kenya the High Court MUST certify for it to be valid. It's not that easy. Let us follow the law.
Teresa Meyer
Tourist with work permit.
simon gitau
Orengo anaogopa prof.....
atieno otieno
Odhi opractice thurgi kuma onywolee, ok kenya ka, dawe wadagi
Peter Mwangi
Orengo is just corrupt, period
atieno otieno
This is a Kenyan court not Karen where a white man was seen trying to beat a watchman because he asked for his ID for him to enter at the gate. Respect us Sir that is the law
Sanjo I bra
Tuna ongojea 9/12/2018
feisal farah
James teach him(koreshi)what we do in Kenyan court and let him know this is not India
Billionaire 254
All these stupid questions is to defend one slyqueen thief? Surely
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