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Vol. 1 and 2 Blu-ray with a new English dub available for pre-order starting 10/2/2017! Visit for more details.

With voices directed by fan-favorite Wendee Lee, starring Khoi Dao as Rei Kiriyama, Laura Post as Akari Kawamoto, Kayli Mills as Hinata Kawamoto, and Xanthe Huynh as Momo Kawamoto, comes a tale of overcoming loneliness and hardship through family.

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I'm honestly going to in tears all over here.
otakulover 32
It’s dub on crunchyroll
Sarah Amine
Is season 2 dub going to come out?
The trailer looks amazing!!
Gino Raymundo Quispe
Doblenlo a latino por favor :,v
Syrian Soaper
the girls sound perfect, idk about Rei though. i think i like his voice better in japanese. Does anyone know when the dubbed will actually start streaming, I can't find a date anywhere online.
Jye D
Anyone know that piano piece at the beginning it’s beautiful
Austin Schulz
Everyone's great but MOMO NEEDS TO SOUND CUTER. (Other than that, like I said, pretty great.)
Jenn C
Ohhhh I love his English VA. 💕 It's gonna be so hard to pick between sub and dub when I rewatch it. 😍
Claire Farron
Nooo! Why did Aniplex have to buy the rights to this. Now i'll never get the dub. Aww, and it sounds really good too. :(
Jiraiya Sannin
Sam Woods
I swear I just heard maes hughes’ voice somewhere in there
i think we're brothers
Whelp I watched the subbed version and I am gonna watch this to
Elreezy - Elric Atchison
The dub sounds perfect with Khoi Dao as Rei Kiriyama, Kayli Mills as Hinata Kawamoto, Xanthe Huynh as Momo Kawamoto and Keith Silverstein as Takashi Hayashida.
Excited to hear Khoi Dao in a lead role, and he absolutely nailed it! Can't wait to see the rest of the show in English.
When I see this anime I think of your lie in April don’t you think?
Please put the dub on netflix or crunchyroll, or even hulu. I dont wanna buy the $300 blurays to watch dubbed
So happy that Cam Clarke is coming out in an Anime again.
the artwork reminds me of honey and clover
Tiger Trap
Momo is actually what I imagined her to sound like. I'm quited pleased so far.
AT Ser
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3-Gatsu No Lion - Doing My Best March comes in like a lion 3 months ago   01:50

This scene really got to me.