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The First Crusade is a war not only against the Moslem infidel but also against the Christian Byzantine Empire of the east. Italy is enriched by the adventures of the Normans and several succeed in establishing their independent kingdoms in the holy land.

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Michael Cote
You Tube who were the Bolsheviks. They murdered 16.5 Million white Christians in the Ukraine alone.
Crazy life
It’s hysterical to hear a Jew lecture on European & Christian history. Dr Neiman with all due respect, let’s discuss your reasons for events in Europe. #Peace
I don't think the natives had better weapon technology but they had dominion over their environment and effective military tactics.
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04 Crusades: The Investiture Controversy 08 Crusades: The Other Enemy 6 months ago   06:56

The 1074 a conflict called “Investiture Controversy” erupted. The Emperor and the Pope argued over who had the right to appoint or “vest” the Bishops. Pope Gregory VII excommunicated the Emperor Henry IV. Henry the IV was forced to apologize to the Pope, thus demonstrating the supremacy of the Pope in the Western world.