Watch the 2019 doomsday clock Cartoon predicts the future more 3 months ago   45:03

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Temper Jurassickgamer
I have got no sleep since 1947 because of this stupid clock I go to bed at midnight but the clock never showes midnight idk what to do.
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667th viewer
upper cut
Time! A Man made concept, shrouded in Mathemagiks, like every other BS story we have ever heard, if Man is involved, then you should be asking questions!!! Such as, Mum, why don't I feel earth moving, or see curvature, & Mum, why can't I make Water bend?...
Jane Self
Do you think anyone in this scare group believe in God? What bullshit.
Jane Self
Post all Atomic Bulletins since the inception of the witch hunt.
Jane Self
The socialists want to save the nation while the NY socialist connection has passed a law allowing the murder abortion of full term American children. And Cuomo lit up the World Trade Center “in pink.” Your sick. Folks, study the words of Yuri Bezmenov. He is also on youtube. Demoralize the nation, create chaos...and walk in and take over. Wake up kids.
Jane Self
Warn people about slipping on a banana peel when they walk out their door. This is a scare tactic. Who is funding this socialist group?
Jane Self
Jerry Brown needs to save the homeless in his state. How about it Jerry?
Jane Self
Tell us who FUNDS this group of scare mongers? Follow the money
Jane Self
This is a socialist BULLETIN to scare the hell out of citizens.
Jane Self
Jerry Brown? Hahahahah
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Cartoon predicts the future more Watch the 2019 doomsday clock 3 months ago   10:00

This cartoon predicts the future more than 60 years ago. You won't see anything like this taught in schools today.

If you like political cartoons with insight, this is one of the best ever made. If you worry this country is losing freedoms by the day, you are not alone. They tried to warn us in this political cartoon 60 years ago. If you love freedom, liberty and want to live and let live, than check out

Dr. Tarrin P. Lupo

I also like Ridley report, 4409, FreeKeene, stefan molyneux

#politics #cartoon #trump