Zombie Street : Animated Short CGI Animated Shorts : "Last Breath" 1 day ago   03:39

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What would you do if zombies took over the entire World?
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Two zombies explore the possibilities of being dead. Hijinks!

Animated by http://www.youtube.com/user/DraculaFetus
Thanks to Lil DeuceDeuce for the happy tune http://www.youtube.com/user/LilDeuceDeuce

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Animations, sketches and songs by the Mr Weebl and the Weebl's Stuff Team.
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** FAQ **
Q: What do you use to animate?A: Mostly Flash and a bit of After Effects.
How do you make your music?A: Reason/Record by Propellerheads.
Melodyne by Celemony. Cubase (rarely) by Steinberg. I also use Adobe
Audition for voice editing and a SE2200a mic.

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Nikolas Holmes
"We can smoke cigarettes!"
"What about cancer?"
"We're dead."
"Oh yeah!"
I just love it!
Amazing! XD
Conner Morphew
wait, if they are zombies that can speak and all that, cant they start working on a cure?
xiDemon slayerxi
Weird but funny
English Navy Press Gangs
Rumor has it, they're stiill confused by the RAAAAIIIIIN
Peyton West
I have 6 car batteries
now, lets say the zombie apocalypse happened tomarrow.
these zombies need food to survive (aka more humans.)
so, every last human on earth is infected.
the zombies then run out of food.
what is their plan?
Well made.
How did they have human intelligence?
Poninator The cosplayer
this reminds me of an episode of space dandy
1:53 thats a reference to a really old movie :D
superbud bruh
Even in the comment section, F.O.E!
In case of a zombie apocalypse, go to Madagascar or Greenland.
2 D
if I was a zombie and I could still think strait,I would throw my head on a spike
Lizzy Venomfire Redhorn
Plague Inc in a nutshell
Shitty McShittingson
You see that first blue zombies shirt, it looks like he shirt that the zombies wear in pvz. WAIT... You see the tips of the collars, their triangles... ILLUMINATI!!! also means PVZ 3 CONFIRMED
Ella Kelso
The two zambie guys bring up a good point, that there's nothing to do. Question, if you were a zombie, wouldn't that mean you're sort-of kind-of immortal? (You can't die twice, I don't think)
Tall, Dark, and Metric
The thumbnail looked like a viperfish
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CGI Animated Shorts : "Last Breath" Zombie Street : Animated Short 1 day ago   06:03

Last Breath is a short animation movie using motion capture for the main character’s animation.
The project mix live action shot, 3D modeling, sound design and compositing.
It’s my work at the end of study, for my graduate.

For the motion capture, I’ve worked in collaboration with Numediart Institute (UMONS).
The actor was Allison Godry, and that was her first mocap experience.

Brief :

It"s the story of a mysterious androgynous masked character who live in a post-apocalyptic world.
We"ll follow him during his journey.


Loud atmosphere, toxic air, looks like a post-nuclear war world.

Credits :

Mickael Boitte 2016, in collaboration with Numediart Institute (UMONS),
with the participation of :
-Allison Godry (mocap actor)
-Ornella Montesi (sound and eyes mapping)
-Andre Goldberg (teacher, help with th story)

About me :

My name is Mickael, I come from Belgium. I live in a small town near the city of Mons, where I study arts.
I love making videos projects and CGI.

Social/contact :

My website : https://mickaelboitte.wordpress.com/
Youtube : https://www.youtube.com/user/boittemike1
My FB page : https://www.facebook.com/mickael.works/
Twitter : https://twitter.com/Mickael_Boitte

Numediart Institute : www.numediart.org
Allison Godry : www.facebook.com/alligraphie
Ornella Montesi : www.facebook.com/ornii.creations
André Goldberg : andregoldbergblog.wordpress.com

For more information, please see the details and links below:

SUBSCRIBE - to TheCGBros for more inspiring content!

Official TheCGBros http://www.thecgbros.com
YouTube https://www.youtube.com/user/TheCGBro
Facebook https://www.facebook.com/TheCGBro
Twitter https://twitter.com/TheCGBros
Google+ https://plus.google.com/104301021746334584641
Pinterest https://www.pinterest.com/TheCGBros/
Tumblr http://thecgbros.tumblr.com/

Special Thank"s to formaDISSENY for making our logo intro animation!! http://www.formadisseny.com/en/