i-Hog Flying Pig Helicopter - First Colors for Children to Learn with 3 months ago   02:43

i-Hog Flying Pig Helicopter - First Flights. There will be a few videos featuring this helicopter while I learn to fly it.

Terox Toys TT-6062 i-Hog RC Flying Pig Infrared controlled helicopter

Camera Canon Powershot SX60 HS
Editor Serif MoviePlus X6

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Nighthawk Gliders
Brilliant! Love it! 😀
Yep, that's a real Air Hog hehe. I wonder what it 'should' be, with it flying so well it has to have been a model by someone else and then these guys stuck the pig body on it.
Lol what is this
ViZiO Music
Doc Ink
I don't know why that hit my funny button but I was trying not to laugh and was snickering so loud the ol'ms rolled over and growled "stop it"
Martin Jou
cute copter :D
sasuke uchiha
just asking what time is it for you
sasuke uchiha
nice 👍
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Colors for Children to Learn with i-Hog Flying Pig Helicopter - First 3 months ago   00:00

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