Didgeridoo & HAPI, Troy Page, Ondrej Smeykal - Aboriginal Arts 1 day ago   06:25

Troy Page Music
I recorded this track in Baja California, Mexico during a week long camp/surf trip with friends. For me the sound of my HAPI tank drum & didgeridoo matched the feeling of peace, relaxation and freedom I get while spending time on the wildlife rich desert coastlines of Baja. Audio mix by Tim Flood. Cinematography by Troy Page.

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lican ray
gracias troy por tu musica y por ser un gran instrumentista .
thanks from chile.south america
Love those two together! Thanks for the nice tune and video. :)
Hari Choudhary
beautiful music and beautiful didge. can you please tell me more about this one?
Fusion de vientos
Thats Ensenada B.C.????
andreas chrysis
thank you , namaste!
Zephora Zonum
Lee Hai 'Grooving'
Greg Cerrato
love it!  missed ya this year at jtree bro!!
Cliff Tishman
Wow, incredible talent...all around
Steve Jeter
a field of agave stalks!  Im dying to get one to make a didge.  great music !!
David Auvray
well done!!
Sr. Gazzo
México ♥
Rob Goldthorpe
So dig your vids Troy,"awsome"..
Fusion de vientos
quiote quiote paraiso de quiotes dond es agave paradise where is that place
AWESOME TROY! I share the sentiment completely...
Shedz Channel
OUTSTANDING video and didge!
awesome location too.
K a r n a s h
What camera is used? It's outstanding! I'm not saying about the nature cause there are no such a words.
K a r n a s h
Very beautliful! Such a calm and loveley playing! That's a didgeridoo playing that i really like!
Wow, wow, wow!!! Surfing dolphins, Sea Life, hummingbirds, wildlife! This is beautiful Troy. We fail to recognize so much of this creation around us...

Also a really engaging composition to put it all together. Nice job!
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Ondrej Smeykal - Aboriginal Arts Didgeridoo & HAPI, Troy Page, 1 day ago   06:12

Ondrej Smeykal came to London to give a spectacular acoustic concert and two outstanding didgeridoo workshops.
Here is Ondrej playing one of his favourite yidaki at Aboriginal Arts, a stunning well balanced yidaki in F made by Djalu Gurruwiwi who left it here after his Yidaki workshops last July 2009.
Ondrej Smeykal is available for international didgeridoo lessons, workshops and session work - info@smeykal.com
Ondrej also has some excellent CDs which are available direct from Ondrej or ourselves at Aboriginal Arts.
We have over 200 high quality traditional Aboriginal didgeridoos in stock, give us a call to try them out!
07966 889 676