i broke a fortnite world record Toxic Caveira Bait! - Rainbow 6 months ago   10:46

i broke a fortnite battle royale challenge world record (kinda)

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cizzorz death run 2.0 world record for longest time spent on one stage... kill me
Faze Ur Mad
“Mc creamy” kill me “traps” we got you
BazzyNazzy Персик
You so stupid...
Killerbosswe The boss
It is season. Oi
Jason R. Rich
*_a long ass time later_*
xxx tentacion
"What do fuck!" Lmao
UnleashedLion 7
Almoataz Mohamed
Am I the only one who tried a default death run and kept dying in every stage?

Yep, think I am, cause am on mobile.
Rednmess 88
Cloudstar :]

I don’t think he remembered he had impulses he could have impulses through the door
tremane baxter
Why are you wearing LAZARBEAMS skin.LOL😂😂😂
Lucca Cimino
is incredible how he doesn't get pissed
Jordan Leonard
Sami Hussain
9:21 had me in stitches🤣
Eveleigho Ramirez
You are so thrash xdmc creamy
xd_Trapaveli96 -_-
Finally how stupid can you be just f...... Jump
Spyaple #YT
traighton mcgovern
Roses are red, Violets are Blue, I used code Creamy, And so should you...
Mans spent 2 hrs on level 9 edit: 8
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Toxic Caveira Bait! - Rainbow i broke a fortnite world record 6 months ago   12:38

This is an upgrade from the AFK troll bait. You down all your teamates with caveira and then wait for the rush. This works best in ranked and Pro League finals. Invitationals are going to be hype after seing the csgo major!

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