i broke a fortnite world record Toxic Caveira Bait! - Rainbow 2 months ago   10:46

i broke a fortnite battle royale challenge world record (kinda)

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cizzorz death run 2.0 world record for longest time spent on one stage... kill me
good job 0 deaths
Lou Veneris
Hey Creamy
Lou Veneris
Cizzorz is EVIL confirmed
Stupid Stuff
i beat it it took me 4 hours to get to stage 2 hahhahahhahahhahahahhahah get rekt
(this isnt a joke)
Bransen Bunch
blue beam team
nice intro
Hemi Mols
You should make a vid with hotlball
Kale Ortberg
preston playz is better at partccore
Silent Killer
9.10 I guess you could call him, a master
Vertical Dropz
Personally i think level 8 is probably one of the easiest levels
Hachu Pranav
Lazarbeam has the record for staying at a stage for so long
Bart Grootswagers
I Made iT to the finnish
5:47 who else saw him dying in the bottom right corner
Freshness TV
Other than @Lazarbeam
Stupid.... you had freaking impulses xd
Zombie Boi
Lol published on January 8
Chantol Tabana
the phrase "rage quit" is not in this man's vocabulary
Dat Le
*wUt Du FuGc*
Richard Baldwin
Cizzorz deathrun 3.0 anyone
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Toxic Caveira Bait! - Rainbow i broke a fortnite world record 2 months ago   12:38

This is an upgrade from the AFK troll bait. You down all your teamates with caveira and then wait for the rush. This works best in ranked and Pro League finals. Invitationals are going to be hype after seing the csgo major!

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