How I Met My Abusive (ex) Boyfriend I got SCAMMED with FAKE SUPREME 1 month ago   10:41

Thank you for watching and hearing my story. Check my pinned comment in the comment section below for more information about me/my experience. Click "Show More" for some helpful links.

All characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental. Names have been changed and do not represent actual people.

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“6 Types of Child Abuse” by Psych2Go:
“Abuse Story” by storybooth:
“Bad Boyfriend” by storybooth:


- ToonBoom Harmony Premium - to animate
- Blue Yeti microphone - to record
- Premiere CC - to edit audio and video
- Cintiq 16 Pro screen tablet - to draw (but I recommend basic cheap pen tablets from Wacom)


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Hey guys! Thank you for making it through that video and hearing my story on this. Considering this content and the kind of awful people it can attract, I wanna start something good in my comments section with your help! *If you see a comment that’s super kind, helpful, anything awesome, comment on that comment with a heart ❤️ emoji.* That way, youtube will push it to the top. If enough people give love to one another, maybe we can drown out the hate. 😄

I expect there will be a lot of valid questions. A lot of those I can assure you I’ll get to in the next videos. But here are some answers for now.

*Why did you make this video? It’s [insert your opinion here]*

If I have a platform, if I have a voice, if people are watching and listening to me, I want to use this channel to highlight the things I wish I knew to avoid when I was your age. I want to warn others against awful people like the guy in this video. Know the red flags. Listen to your friends and family. It really can happen to anyone.

*“Why wait? Quit cliffhanging! Tell us everything!”*

This is already a 10 minute video that took over a month to do! I’m also in college full time. I reaaaallly wanted to do a tell-all, believe me. There’s just so much to tell, and I am ITCHING to get this done.

*“Why didn’t you go to the police?”*

1. You can’t call the cops on someone being mean to you on the internet.
2. *I did!* (I’ll get into that in the next video) but understand, I, the detective, my lawyer, we all need to be able to prove who sent the messages. The messages themselves aren’t enough. If brought to court, he could argue “oh my sister sent that not me” and... we can’t prove otherwise. And if you don’t believe this, idk what to tell you. I went to the police and this is what they told me.
3. *We tried* proving otherwise by getting his confession, and he denied it all of course. He never thought he did anything wrong in the first place.
4. Even though he coerced me into sending pictures, I could still go to jail for “soliciting” CP. Again, we can’t prove HE coerced me. But we can prove that’s me who sent them. “WAIT THATS NOT FAIR—!” Yup. Even though I was coerced, I was pressured, I was threatened... I did something that can be proven, and he did something that can’t be proven. So going to court could possibly get ME jailed. This is what people mean when they say “the system protects criminals.” 🙃

*”Why didn’t you include the messages where [this this that that whatever]”*

I just don’t have the messages. Here’s the approximate breakdown of our conversation history:
- 80% Skype
- Of that 80%, half was talking out loud (therefore no paper trail)
- Blocking people on Skype in 2015 deletes your conversation history. I know there’s a way to mine it out of your computer somehow, but I didn’t know this back then, and I no longer own that computer.
- 10% texting (This happened in 2015. It is 2018. I’ve gone through 2 new phones, one of which was stolen fml)
- 10% other - google hangouts, Facebook, tumblr, etc.

*”This happens to men/boys too.”*

Yeah, and water is wet. Me talking about my experiences doesn’t negate others. *The only story I can tell is my own.* Why would I talk about someone else, or I guess pretend to be a boy and tell this story, if that’s what you want? I don’t know that experience or how it feels. I only know mine, and that’s why I shared it. The links I’ve provided are inclusive of all people and children, and some show breakdowns by gender. *If you’re concerned about other people and their stories, PLEASE go find them and support them.* Don’t sit in my comments section telling me to do that. They obviously need YOUR help if you want to give that. *Claiming I’m “ignoring” others by just telling my story is ignorant and a waste of the kind heart you claim to have.*

*“Did he do anything worse?”*

Unfortunately yes. Statutory r***. And I went to the police about it. We tried getting security camera footage but the place where it happened didn’t have cameras installed until a year after the incident took place. All we could try to pin him on was coercion to entice, but again, we couldn’t get him to confess. So, he got away with it.

*”you’re lying / you’re doing this for attention / this is fake / that’s photoshopped / if this really happened you’d / etc”*

Did you know 2% of American adults think the Earth is flat? With a population of 326,766,748, that’s 6.5 million dumbasses walking amongst us. With numbers like that, who am I to expect anyone watching this video to believe anything concrete?

After getting out of this relationship, I was diagnosed with major depression, anxiety, I’ve struggled with self harm since being with him and I am prone to relapsing, and I have had symptoms of PTSD (recurring vivid nightmares, flashbacks, irrational fears). Making this video put me in an awful place mentally for a month or so, which I anticipated and dealt with along the way. I do not have the emotional energy or even a care in the world to “debate” you in the comment section. But go off, more comments actually benefits my channel. (Thanks for your support! 😊😊😊😊)

Thank you guys so much and let me know if you’d like to see part two or something a little more light hearted.
“Age is just a number”

So is 911 sweetie :)
Zeze Goat
Jesus, this was freaking disturbing. This Harris dude is a psycho.
Jevil Deltarune
S H E S A. C H I L D
Spraypaint TV
Aym hir pur da kiyaws!
Naunie molina
if dis hadnt happend to u then how will i be aware of dithank you for keeping me aware plus i understand what uv been through
2018 Connor Purcell
I’m not 13 I’m 19
Pashca Wolfgang
Haris is an icky icky boy
Aurora Wolfe
Yeah, I had my first make out kiss with a guy who was a senior in high school when I was 12-13. I believe we met through MySpace. I thought he was so cute because he was a cool older guy and the fact that he was interested in me made me feel special? It took me a long time to realize how freaking weird and creepy he was for being attracted to a young girl who was still wearing a training bra. Still, this is nothing compared to what you and so many others went through.
Young girls and boys, if you're going through something similar to what's being described in the video, please reach out to an adult you can trust... whether it be a parent, aunt/uncle, teacher, school counselor, etc.
Doge Dude
but a lion is a predator
Jake Draws
6:47 *fucc ya privacy*
Jēkabs Grsudiņš
Txs for thw info and GOD bles
Adrianna Ramirez
I'm just gunna say this... if he was asking 4 pics.. say no. If he kills himself then oh well it's not your fault
Adrianna Ramirez
Omg, I'm about to be 13... I write harry potter fanfic😂😂
Paula Steinfurth
Well, I feel bad now cause I‘m 14 and my boyfriend is 18.
Nessa M
I love that you used to write Harry Potter fan fiction. I kinda still do, and maybe I'll continue.
lps hershey101
Raina Trujillo
6:14 Ummmm, she’s going through a hard time here man, the last thing she wants is for you to send pics of your small crotch! Illy, thank you for sharing your story, you’re super strong!💜
grooviest globe4
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I got SCAMMED with FAKE SUPREME How I Met My Abusive (ex) Boyfriend 1 month ago   20:07

I Got SCAMMED with FAKE SUPREME Animated story by Young Don the Sauce God.

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