Liondub ft. Richie Spice - Run Red (Marcus Ed Solo & Deekline - King of The Bongo 6 months ago   05:33

release no: 10434
artist: Liondub feat. Richie Spice
title: Run Red Remixes
record label: Liondub (LD01R)
genre: Jungle
release date: 2010/01/28
street date: 2009/11/??
media type: vinyl

Internationally renowned reggae & drum'n'bass DJ Liondub has recently stepped-up his game by releasing some of the freshest 12" vinyl releases on his Liondub International imprint, to great critical acclaim. A few years back he dropped his "Run Red" remix and received support from DJ's all over the world. The original pressing sold out quickly and has been begging to be re-released. Now, at long last, Liondub has decided to come again with this big tune. This time packing a sick remix from big gun Marcus Visionary alongside his own fresh new mixdown. Definitely a must-have for all ragga-jungle massive!

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Don Goliath
b o o m
can't stop playing this one.dub plate business !
derty QWERTY
meh, not bad but not the best. the ''Lion Dub Red Run'' remix is 100 times better, check it out.
Jack Lindsay
Just wow... Pure jungle genius BIG UP
Scarlett Amy Fagan
ahhh i wanna download it
Tom Boswell
Tom Boswell
simple, but alright
Tom Boswell
@REDEYES771 you aren't Red Eyes?
Good over evil, life over death, reggae over D&B ( words from the spice in your life)

Peace & Unity
in my opinion original one is much more better this one is too sweet and this piano is not in the right place...
marcus dee
Bigup all the D&B heads, check out my profile there u can find a direct link to my podcast page were u can listen or instantly download the latest in upfront drum & bass sets, bigups Delusion.
Lenin Galdámez
Tasos More
nice remix
defntly ;D
Visionary made it better ^^ to favs >>
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Ed Solo & Deekline - King of The Bongo Liondub ft. Richie Spice - Run Red (Marcus 6 months ago   05:47



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