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Geyse Linki
Pure Nature Specials Arabian Leopard Of Oman Leopards are the ultimate cats. They are the most feline, the most intelligent, the most dangerous and, until recently, one of the least understood. They hun.

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I do not own this video Good quality images, rapid 24 hour overview. Seven different species of animals: lion, hyena, leopard, cheetah, elephant, buffalo, rh.

I do not own this video. The images are not hing special but it's an opportunity to talk about the Persian leopard. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Kiamaky Wi.

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Thanks for saving these beautiful animals
Ben Wa Balls
Okay Okay, so if the leopard is that illusive and hard to spot, then it wasn't killed by man so it is not endangered! It's just not as smart as the African leopard and is kind of stuck in a place no one want's to be...
Mark Sousley
Saudi Arabia has more free extra money to save Many animals from extinction > Getting them to do so is almost impossible , Basically because They are Cheap ass Mooselums
Charlie LaFayette
excellent video, informational and inspiring. This may sound silly but it appears that game is rather scarce for the leopard and I wonder
If during the breeding , would it be a good idea to leave carcasses of animals around at least until the Cubs are old enough to eat meat.
Kind help them get a head start. The only thing is you would have to cut down on the hunting of the people living around there or there would be no game for the leopard to hunt. Kind of a catch twenty-two.
Enes Güran
Amazing documentary such a biodiversity in such harh environment!
Matti Del Amazonas
Me encantan las s felinos. Leopardos. Guepardos. Jaguares. Beautifulls. Animals.
Where is this located on the map? Cant find Oman. Is it past Blackwater?
Luis Vaca
My favorite animal the amazing leopard
Logical Thinker
Great video. I hope they're protected. I never get tired of watching leopards. It is one of the most awe inspiring big cat.
Jim Rodgers
Great documentary on the subspecies of Leopards. Thanks for educating the world and your local community about the importance of large predators. What an Iconic emblem for your country to be so very proud of:)
mirac kosedag
Please don't kill this beatifull animal(leopard). We say name pars..latin name Panthera pardus tulliana in my country Turkey
mirac kosedag
Süper video.thanks
James Anagnos
what a beautiful cat ,Bravo to the people in Oman trying to protect them and help them survive ,God Bless you
Michael Kimmings
Humans aren't endangered
animal killer
these animals are very cool ever known and how it live in this environment is very amazing
zain sayed
these Arabian leopard are very amazing to see on how they can live in desert and how they hunt prey and survive in the mountain in those environment  and I hope on they will still live on here and knowing more In it's life
ATA camel 🐫 za waharabu sinapigana Kama waho ?😂😂😂🇰🇪🇰🇪🇰🇪🇰🇪🇰🇪
Matia Cruz
I love leopards too
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In China, the last female rafetus turtle is about to be introduced to her new home at the Suzhou Zoo. She will take up residence in a divided breeding pond where - on the other side of a metal gate - the last male rafetus turtle is waiting to meet her. The stakes are incredibly high: this is literally the last chance the scientists have to save this species.

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