MPs to vote on amendments to Theresa May's EU warns ‘very high risk’ 2 days ago   2:15:51

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and ye bastards in teh fucking press, ya like fucking enablers for cunts to smoke their own crack!
MPs should fuck off being busy body cunts. They've got NO right and authority regardless of whether 60 million fucking lapdogs vote for the cunts.
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EU warns ‘very high risk’ MPs to vote on amendments to Theresa May's 2 days ago   27:04

The supermarkets and take-away chains have, until now, held back from voicing fears about Brexit. They didn't want to alienate customers who voted to leave the EU. But with the distinct possibility of a no-deal departure in just 60 days, Marks and Spencer, Waitrose, KFC, the Co-op, and others joined forces to warn of the effects of delays at ports.


Price rises and empty shelves will follow, they say. And Eurotunnel has warned it still needs to know from the government what sort of checks it will need for the trucks running through the Channel Tunnel.


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