Mexicans Respond To Haitians, Africans The Truth About Migrants (2018) 5 months ago   04:35

Thousands of Haitian and African migrants continue to flow into Tijuana on their way to the U-S. But on Thursday, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security announced it’s going to start sending many of the Haitians back to Haiti. Meanwhile, Tijuana must deal with their unprecedented numbers. KPBS Fronteras reporter Jean Guerrero says Tijuana residents are responding with unusual hospitality.

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Thank you Mexico!
Christian Israel Olmos Martinez
You are all welcome here I'm Mexican man love black people and all races in the world we are all the same we are all human it's nice to help each.
Welcome to your new house people, todos somos hermanos, a hug from México
What the fuck are they doing helping these people when the indigenous population has been living in poverty for hundreds of years? Stupid people
Ps3 Legend
To us mexicans seeing someone black isnt weird we have dark mexicans they are mixed with african blood and spaniard or native maybe European
Mr bean full episodes HD
Still fuck y'all Mexicans
Mexicans and Black share the same Ancestral heritage. Both Nations started from the same tree.
"who feels it... knows"     Plus  this gets rid of the  gangs  & organized crime population who want to feast of communities
  Drug gangs don't speak creole... so recruiting and continuing blood wars = stops

   Tijuana wants  families in their town  NOT  drug dealers and hardcore murders.     HAITIANS CREATE A BUFFER ZONE  for peaceful  locals who just want to live life without crime.
* all   Immigrants want is to  get a job *  must countries + cities can live with that  ( except for the USA)
Daemone Nympheus
All of these Blacks invading Mexico and Chile is because of the Jews like George Soros, who is also behind the Caravans.
Daemone Nympheus
Mexicans NEED to learn from the Dominicans and Chileans & learn the Danger they are in, and start deporting these NiggApes out of Mexico!!!
Daemone Nympheus
Fake accounts posting on none facts... These Haitians are dehumanized in Mexico and are rejected by all of us in Tijuana... They move out of Tijuana as soon as they can jump the fence, we Mexicans don't want them in our Country.
strawberry milkk
Dominicans should learn from their counterparts
Its the same in America. Liberals dont see our own homeless and needy as human.
Beautiful Boy
Jango The Rango
Welcome to mexico my Haitians brothers and african brothers also my Asian brothers in mexico.
Peace and love to the people of Mexico
Aldo Chavez
I prefer Haitians over Central Americans in Mexico, Central Americans have been very disrespectful in Mexico lately by throwing rocks at the Tijuana locals and leaving their trash everywhere. HAITAINS are more respectful
theres almost 2 million Afro Mexicans in Mexico. Black people have been living in Mexico since 1570 when they were brought by the Spanish to slave away in mines. Thats why they're treated with hospitality. Because they're roots run just as deep there.
The 'Haitians' true identity is in the bible. They are actually the Levitcal priest who guarded the Ark of the covenant. Moses was a Levite.
The so-called 'Africans' & 'African Americans' are called Judah. The sons of Israel.
The so called 'Hispanics' 'Mexicans' & Native Indians are the children of Israel in the bible. They are from the Northern Kingdom tribes. A special
Christian Fernández
This is news to many people apparently but not to Mexicans like myself. Mexican Raza has always had hospitality for thousands of immigrants coming into Mexico for years. This was a new wave of immigrants since Mexicans had never seen Haitians before in TJ. However , Mexico and Mexicans have always been a good host to others. Even better than to fellow Mexicans unfortunately. But this is old news. Today it's central Americans who have always been crossing through Mexico. They are more ungrateful and hateful towards Mexican Raza once they reach their destination in the US and back bite. My Raza back in the motherland has helped all groups of people coming from South of Mexico for years. It's nothing new or surprising. Which proves that we are a more happy, open people by majority.
Salaam A Leikum.
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The Truth About Migrants (2018) Mexicans Respond To Haitians, Africans 5 months ago   12:03

What is really happening to Europe?

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