Dugong : animated music video Family Guy Funniest Moments #7 - Short 2 months ago   00:49

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Dugongs are the cows of the sea.


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Orangepeelmactwistymactwist 557
First of all, a dugong is different to a manatee and they are very cute thank you very much
Wolfgang Engel
Every Dugongs favourite song.
The Furry Hypothesis
They are closer to elephants, actually.
Last Legacy
Dugong dugong, it’s the cow of the sea *ea **_EA_*
Riedl Kovacs Csenge
This is my new favorite XDD
Misha Statcenko
Dugongs and manatees are different animals.
Isobel Bunney
dugongs are cute not ugly
David12 gaming
Epic Gamer
Dugongs and manitees are diferent 😑
Meghan Scott
I am 19 years old and this is still my favourite song. They’re my close cousins
Actually Dugongs are NOT manatees they are different animals though they come from the same family.
Jo n co Goyo
Manatee are not ugly so meanie
medic From team fortress 2
Okay first of all the dugong can breathe air and is not a manatee and this video is all wrong! They are related to elephants not cows okay! Dude and they are not ugly jerk off!
Zoie Elise Nugas
they are poor because it was killed by nets
Zoie Elise Nugas
it's very very kind and don't say their ugly and im just saying and not hating okay :)
Abby Kreuser
Dugongs and manatees are different
Der SchnittProphet
Joko hat sich fast eingekackt haha
Ellen Hagstrom
Sjukaste jag sett
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Family Guy Funniest Moments #7 - Short Dugong : animated music video 2 months ago   11:21

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