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Idanre Hill is one of the most awesome and beautiful natural landscapes in Nigeria.Added to Idanre Hill beauty which fires human curiosity is the fact that the entire people of Idanre lived on these boulders for almost a millennium.Located in Idanre Town, about 24 kilometres southwest of Akure, Ondo State capital, the ancient Idanre Hills had been a home for the Idanre community for almost 100 years.As a natural and cultural landscape, Idanre Hills stands out well among all other places that have been listed in UNESCO World Heritage Sites.It is a cluster of intimidating and imposing hills housing some wonderful things which confound the senses.The hills surround the town, envelope it and dominate life in the town. From any angle, one sees the hills and virtually every activity revolves round this collection of hills.Apart from that cultural role, the town pulls the wealthy and the commoner, basically due to its perceived mystical aura and the giddy excitement lovers of nature get when they surmount the steep, daunting climb to the top, to witness a spectacular view of the new town and adjoining hills in a breath-taking manner.Apart from its touristic value, the flora and fauna of the place had been under scientific study for several decades.

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house of liberty
nice job!
Emma CN
When the people are dirty, noisy and unorganized, everything blessings around them becomes useless👎👎👎👎
Emma CN
Terrible, dirty, untidy, tattered, unhealthy, stupid and unattractive to visit,👎👎👎👎👎
best to improve the conditions of the people...before thinking of any tourist attraction
Richard Hardin
What kind of animals, from the barbecue, at frame 2:44? The dark ones look like a large bat.
Dog Heart
I am always ashamed to be Nigerian anytime I see such things. It seems like a different country to me.
Dog Heart
This is where English is not spoken
oyinbo poju... E buru sha. Bi wo ba ji abule Idanre gha, ki wo fe pe Owena? Ilu Idanre gha rin o sisi oloyinbo. Quality video yi sodidi yeye. Mo tile ro wipe Video na ti pe tele rin gan paapaa. Ipinle Ondo a suwan.
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Unlocking The Ikorodu Road Gridlock Idanre Hills:.most awesome and beautiful 2 days ago   03:17

The availability of untapped mass of land for the construction of residential and business premises has over the years attracted a sizeable amount of the population of Lagos state to Ikorodu town, a suburb of the commercial city.

This growing population has in turn had to grapple with serious traffic situations when travelling to and from their homes.

In this next report, Channels Television correspondent, Henry Ogunjimi travelled to Ikorodu town to see if the effort of government at expanding the road can actually unlock the traffic gridlock experienced there on a daily basis.

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