Egypt replaces South Africa Egypt's Economy to Grow 6% in 2019, 1 day ago   03:04

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South Africa has been unseated by Egypt as the second largest economy on the continent. An IMF report published earlier this week shows that South Africa slipped to third place largely as a result of a weakening currency. South Africa was once the continent's leading economy. But in 2014 it lost the top position to Nigeria after the latter did a rebasing of its economy.

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moses simon
Although south africans beleive that their country is the most developed in africa because of the infastructure [white]. They are correct but as far as this century is concine, it belongs to Nigeria and looking towards the future nigeria will become the most powerful and most advanced in Africa. And not just entertainment of today, countries like kenya, north africans, ethopia, e.t.c are also likely to live south africa behind. Thats my prediction
moses simon
Not ghana but looking towards the future South africa might even not be in top 3 talkless of even competing with Nigeria for no.1 Spot on the continent. countries like kenya, north africans, ethopia, e.t.c are likely to snatch that spot.
Muniid Said
South Africa Is going down on the ladder faster than I expected. It looks like they may also lose the third place to another country very soon... Maybe Kenya or Ghana lol .
both are foreign controlled and occupied governments.
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Egypt's Economy to Grow 6% in 2019, Egypt replaces South Africa 1 day ago   05:27

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