Nasa are launching their first-ever Barack Obama's best viral 7 days ago   2:04:56

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CLICK BAIT - Nothing to do with NASA!
stacy skywatch
Nazi Nasa who were created from the Nazi scientists after ww2 in operation paperclip,, 52 million a day and all we get is cartoons CGI and a bunch of freemasonic clowns swinging around on wires pretending to be in a space station in outer space,, moon landing was very clearly a HOAX no one has been to outer space and no one will ever be ,, how much more evidence do you lot need to see before you realize your being massively deceived by these occultists,, That old serpent NASA and the DEVIL deceives the whole world ,, 100 pc proof they are faking
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Barack Obama's best viral Nasa are launching their first-ever 7 days ago   01:28

A look back at some of the best moments from the "first president of the social media age".