Theresa May breaks down in tears Why is Theresa May still prime minister? 2 days ago   06:44

The Independent
The prime minister Theresa May confirmed in a short speech that she would be departing from her position on June 7.

There was an emotional moment as she finished, her voice breaking as she said it was "the honour of her life to serve the country she loves".

Watch her speech here in full.

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Touch Not
Nothing changes! Another puppet already being strung along.
Steveness stiffler
Poor Theresa now go back under your rock
Curtis Uhl
Another woman down ! not too lasting !
Paul Mdumi
The voting decision was a mistake in the first instance.
David Lulasa
shouldn't have resigned
Jeffrey Hadfield
Boris wont be able to do fck all, wait and see.
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Manuel Magro
Theresa May and Maggie Thatcher were brave women in incredible circumstances. Don't forget Emily Hobhouse, a saint to Afrikaner women and children who had to endure the same torture and malignancy as the Jews in Concentration camps.
Richard Knight
Not the most noble of exits.
Austin Lee
Nobody can deliver brexit NOT even the drugs addict who's taking over from U.
david ouma
Give rooney that job stop wasting time on those women u Britons
Simba Kali
Wow, she couldn't hold the anger at the end
Mumbi Gikuyu
And the next one will fail too, and the next, and the next, and the next and for ever.. Ha ha ha!!! It's the end of white devils universally!!!
Juma Kapilima
She has gone, she has played her part!!!!!
See also the good.she did.
Ebenezer Appiah
Wicked people towards the African,God and our ancestors with hunt y’all down 1 after another.
Eugene Bastian
Why are you crying ? Does the world owe you anything ?
Kollin Musimbo
i have so much respect for this lady for having that dignity to resign and pave way for others with better ideas.... in africa suggesting resignation of a failed leader will result in you losing your head the next morning....
Juju Rellama
sad thing is, a lot of brits dont have any confidence in their own abilities anymore, they re so scared that when Brexit is executed, they ll starve, its mostly woman , feeble, brainless, bleeding
Juju Rellama
another idiot woman gone, now Merkel,
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Why is Theresa May still prime minister? Theresa May breaks down in tears 2 days ago   02:58

Theresa May officially steps down as leader of the Conservative Party today, but why is she still prime minister and how long will it be until a replacement is chosen?

The Independent's Political Editor Andrew Woodcock walks us through the process.

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