NFL Best "Athletic" Plays || HD NFL Best Catches 2016-17 ᴴᴰ 6 months ago   09:32

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Paul Anderson
How can you not put Barry Sanders all over this
nancy greaves
Sokoya Abdulazeez
this shouldn't be called football it should be called Rugby like its counterpart no foot is used in playing this game
Rek Senpai
pause the video at 7:35 looks to me like the offense was the one interfering there he straight up grabbed the dude and threw him down.
Rek Senpai
2:57 Illegal block in the back by number 84
KayC Gorton
Like the intro!!!
fortnitegodk the best
Any body else see the volume button at the top on 5 11
Caiden Robbinette
every one probably knew that epic OBJ catch would be in here
Kyle Haskins
9 minutes of athletic plays and no Zeke... smh one of the most athletic players I the game.
London Paulicheck
hey bro im a big fan and was wondering if i could get a shoutout on ur next video. if u do thx and much respect bro
chincho meka
Thats the result of many days of training in gym and eating a bunch of proteine before playing and keeping your self healthy .....
Iden Cothran
this is the crazyiest shit ever that i saw in my life these nigga is crazy they dont play with a nigga
Kids Combs
Ding productions you make the best videos!
Kids Combs
Cooooool video
Devon Paz
Chris Bair
Nicole Slaughter
Tom Brady should not be sacked
Chance Keen
Where is every single catch of megatrons career😂
The Fate of Slate
So someone tell me why Matt Stafford looks like Jack Frost in the intro
Love Texans
Where is Beast mode
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NFL Best Catches 2016-17 ᴴᴰ NFL Best "Athletic" Plays || HD 6 months ago   13:31

Best catches from the 2016-17 NFL season

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